Friday, May 25, 2012

Outfit post: rayon, peplums & jewelry fun

Two posts in one day! 

Lucky you!

When I started this, I knew what my "blog strengths" were: my insane hoarder-status wardrobe, my always growing knowledge of what I actually have, and what exists/ existed. 

Oh, and sometimes I'm charming, but mostly in real life.

What I didn't think too much about was a matter of logistics. I'm a pretty lone wolf. I work a LOT, I live by myself, and I often go out by myself, because my schedule is so random it's hard to make plans. 

So all that's *wonderful* as far as I'm concerned, but when it comes to you know, capturing an outfit.... what to do? Carry around a tripod all the time? If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

Thus, here is an outfit post taken over the course of a day! Some taken by me, some via tripod, some via friend-I-run-into.

Even as I squint into the sun, I still love this outfit.

Two-piece '40s rayon set, with amazing colors & buttons.

Not to mention, my favorite thing ever: a peplum.

Peplums always make me want to be a nerd, and do this. Plus - bonus round! - they accent waists, while minimizing tummy curves. Something to be said about clothes that were actually made for curves. What a concept!

Love these buttons! Mother of pearl, plus rhinestones? You twisted my arm.

Not vintage, but still love 'em.

New (to me) bakelite earrings. Love, love, love! The clips are a bit loose, so I'm never allowed to wear them when I go out at night, or sad events will occur. 

Bakelite loss is the worst kind of first-world-problem.

Extra amazing sterling bracelet. 

A 1930s friendship bracelet - the clasp is dated May 30, 1934. 
Etched in each charm is a name of a friend. This one was obviously owned by a child - First, I had to add an extra link to make it fit a grown up wrist. Second, all the names are family members. No one that is not a child is adding "Aunt Irene" and "Grandma" to her friendship bracelet... Just sayin'.

Then, during the War, someone added a new link! V for Victory! FTW!

One of a kind, in the best mish-mash sort of way.

Last but not least, a picture that underlines why I love this color palatte - it makes my eyes look fantastically blue! Yay!

1940s skirt suit set: Ray's Ragtime
1940s bakelite earrings: No Parking
1930s - 40s friendship bracelet: Rhinestone Rosie
Shoes: by Jeffrey Campbell, from Edie's

But really guys, besides having people follow me around all day, suggestions for picture taking would be lovely <3


  1. Rayon jersey - my all time favorite material, the holy grail of 40s clothing, In My Not So Humble Opinion.

    1. surprisingly, this is the silky kind! BUT rayon jersey is my absolute FAV and i do not own enough of it. i'm buried in rayon crepe! but the other post from today - with the flowers? jersey!

    2. So, a vintage store owner recently told me a story about this kind of rayon - the kind that feels & looks like silk, but I can't find ANY info on the matter.

      But, I will share anyways! She told me that there was a fire at a DuPont factory where they made this, and destroyed in the fire was the formula!! So they tried & failed for a few years to reenact their genius, but it never worked.

      She recently got into a random chat with a stranger who works for DuPont, and although they do *lots of messed up things* these days, he told her the mistake of not keeping the formula in you know, other places as well, is still a company joke. like the omfg *facepalm* kind of joke, 70 years later.

  2. Oh goodness, that dress is incredible!

    1. thank you! i'm happy nikki sent you my e-way!