Friday, June 29, 2012

Creature Comforts

It's officially Summer in Seattle!
What does this mean?
It means it's cloudy, and crazy muggy.
And, my umbrella definitely had to come out with me last night.

It's perfect weather to throw on a fur stole & be good to go.

Luckily, I got these furry friends recently.
Total DIY job, someone literally took 6 minks and haphazardly tacked them together.
But I loooove them, so who cares?

So, so bizarre.
But the perfect size! It can be worn either as a stole, or as a giant collar over a coat.

This is probably my favorite rayon jersey '40s dress. 
It's basically riddled with holes.... the curse of rayon jersey!.... but the print.

Paired with a studded suede '40s box purse, snake skin '40s heels & an incredible '30s brass necklace.

It's an educated guess, but I think the shoes are cobra. 
If so, I need more cobras in my life, because the diamond pattern of the scales is phenomenal, and the skin seems a lot tougher than other kinds of snake.

I'm a sucker for '30s brass jewelry, something about the tone, something about the way it jangles.
This is hands down my favorite brass piece.
The first time I saw it, I got a bit dizzy.

Sorry there's no close up on the purse, but speaking of studded suede '40s accessories....

These were the shoes Irene was wearing yesterday.
I want a pair so bad, it hurts.
They are in immaculate condition.
Of course, size 6!
 I could cut off my toes, then maybe I could be a 6... Although I do own 28 pairs of peep toes, so maybe that wouldn't work out.

...28 pairs of peep toes? Really, Sara?
Yeah, I counted.

1940s rayon jersey dress: Lucky Vintage
1940s cobra heels: Red Light 
Mink mishmash: Red Light
1940s purse: Lucky Vintage
1930s brass necklace: Leann Wright at Static Vintage, San Francisco
Irene's 1940s slingbacks: Lucky Vintage

All photos courtesy of Irene Wang of Heirloom Attire


  1. That dress is fabulous! And I would agree that they are cobra as well. Most snake skin shoes I've run into have been cobra. Especially of that color. And that necklace! My god! I have one 30s brass necklace, but it only comes out during summer and fall really, since it's corn.

  2. Corn? As in... it's moulded into corn cob shapes? we really should go to a pumpkin patch (/corn maze?!) this fall!!!

  3. I just today found a vintage bag on some kind of car boot sale in my town. it's brown and in snakeskin I believe. That is a very 40's outfit! :)