Tuesday, June 12, 2012

[Not a] Post

Sooomebody had the pleasure of working 90+ hours over 7 days, thus...

No time for blogs!

Wah waahhh.

At the very least, I'll share a couple photos taken over the last few days.

Picture #1: 

At work, a lovely gal came in holding this umbrella. Of course, I instantly started drooling.

Living in Seattle, I usually have to carry around an umbrella. Thus, I end up buying silly numbers of fun old umbrellas. Usually variations on a theme - different colors, different sorts of carved bakelite & lucite handles, etc. If you have to use them constantly, let's at least spice it up, amiright? 

(This is also why I own a bagillion coats. Coats, after all, are outfits you wear on the outside of your outfit. Duh.)

Turns out, the sweetheart was planning on selling it! And in under a minute, it was mine!

Not only was I stoked on the material & the carved apple juice bakelite handle, but it just so happened to already match my outfit that day!


Picture #2:

On Saturday, I went to a fantastic '80s night. I may be stuck in the '40s garment-wise, but I'm 100% stuck in the dark gothy depths of the '80s musically. So I danced my antsy dancey pants off. 
(Ok, so I was wearing a dress, sue me.)

Plus, they had a photobooth. And if you can't tell, I always take photobooth pics when the opportunity presents itself. It's actually a self imposed rule.

While you can't see my awesome outfit (there was a '40s dress with *matching cape* involved, as well as some amazing '40s spectator heels)... You can at least check out my phenomenal new '40s hat. 

It makes my heart flip-flop! And it has ribbon tails. Swoon-tastic, if I do say so myself.

Tomorrow I head down to Portland, where I will be meeting some extra fabulous vintage gals on Wednesday for food and vintage nerding purposes. 

I pinky swear there will posts involved. And a hooded jumpsuit that will make your brain explode.


1950s sweater: Lucky Vintage
1940s umbrella: pure luck!
Orange bakelite bangle: Red Light
Yellow bakelite bangle: Le Frock

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  1. I'm not sure I could handle your umbrella collection... I may explode with jealousy.

    I'm totally in the same boat as you with regards to photo booths! I actually got proposed to in one! Actually, it's super close to where we will be eating lunch tomorrow!

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!