Friday, June 22, 2012

The Telegram

After writing yesterday's post, I did a little poking around on the ol' interweb, hoping to find something on the couple in this telegram.

I never thought I would actually find anything, so I'd never tried before. Welp, I was wrong. 
Sadly, I found information via William's obituary, as he passed 10 years ago. Audrey passed in '86.
But! From the obit, I found out they were married & had 5 children, the youngest of whom I talked to on the phone this morning. 


It was one of the strangest calls I've ever made, and probably one of the oddest she has ever received. I was very nervous, and was shaking a little bit. But I'm so glad I called! I wasn't romanticizing the situation at all! This really was the telegram send to Audrey after William got back from serving in the Pacific!


There are still a few pieces of the puzzle missing. Obviously, he landed in Seattle first on his way back to Maryland, and sent her this telegram. So how did it end up being accidentally purchased by me, in Seattle? I have noooo clue. Any ideas?

Tomorrow, I'm saying goodbye to the telegram & sending it off to the rightful owners in Maryland. 
It makes me super happy to be able to return it to the family, all these years later!!


This is a great example of why I love vintage. Everything has a story. There's no such thing as a 70 year old garment without a story. Even if there is no way of ever knowing it, I still get a high off of imagining what it may be - where previous owners wore a dress, paired with what, and how it made them feel about themselves. There are instances when I get a bit more info, like this telegram, and it makes me feel like a million bucks.



  1. This is perhaps the most amazing thing I have read in awhile. The fact you were able to find out who they were AND speak with one of their children is incredible. And kudos to you for sending it on to the family, this is such a unique and wonderful find I would have a hard time parting with it.


    1. Ahhh I am going to have a hard time parting with it! At the same time it's a great feeling to be able to give it to their children! I'm going to ask them to send me a copy of a photo of them when they were young, because it would make me super happy to see!

  2. Hi Sara! First I want to start out saying my name is Emily Daly. I love your website! And I think your taste in clothes and style is unique and awesome! And one of my favorites is the one where you were wearing the six minks around your neck and the dress you were wearing with it. However this might sound weird but about the letter you found in the alligator purse, i'm actually related to William and Audrey. I'm William and Audrey's great-granddaughter. I don't remember them because Audrey for one died 12 years before I was born. But I do have Audrey's blonde hair and personality and i've seen pictures of her. About William he died when I was three years old. I was told I had my first birthday up at his house. Sorry if i'm boring you to death, it kinda gets better. When I found out you found this letter I was (and still am) very happy and excited! Thank you for not throwing it away and thank you for giving it to our family. As I said I love going on here and I hope you keep the posts coming. I also hope you take the time to read this and if you did thank you very much!! And it would mean a lot to me if you respond back! Again thank you and sorry this was so long!

    1. Hi Emily!
      Ohmygoodness, it makes me soooo happy to have been able to find you guys!! I'm thrilled that the telegram made it back to you all, and can be a part of your family's keepsakes. It really means a lot to me to be able to share your family's personal story, and that you guys have been so amazingly sweet. Plus, Kelli said the purse was her moms, so I should thank you guys for that too - I will cherish him even more knowing his background <3
      Love from Seattle,

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