Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peplum Party

Hello, hello! 

Today, I'm going to share a bright '40s party ensemble, but first...
Three cheers for crutchless mobility!
I even danced last night... I can't say it wasn't hilarious, but oh so worth it!

Best thing about the walking boot?
It's pretty tall, so I actually have to wear heels with it. HA!
Makes me happy!

Other things that put a grin on my face...

Tah Duhhh! Sparkly purple '40s dress!

Sometimes, old things have problems. This dress' problem?
Light fade. Silly rayon!
In this case though, I'm actually super into it. Light damage tends to be in the usual places - shoulders, one side of the garment, sometimes just the hem.
Not this time! I think it's pretty.

Regardless, the details more than make up for the color variation.

Those sleeves! 
Sequined peplum insanity!
 Buttons down the back!


Fancy pants beaded '40s purse & my favorite '30s bangle.
A lot of people who see this bangle assume it's bakelite, so I feel like not specifying is tantamount to lying. It's carved wood! Perfect, because if it were bakelite... I probably couldn't afford it, haha.

Shoes = The best $10 I've ever spent. Omg, thanks etsy.

1940s dress: Red Light... I think?
1940s purse: Lucky Vintage
1940s heels: Etsy
1930s bangle: Rhinestone Rosie

Photos courtesy of Irene Wang (of Heirloom Attire)


  1. LOVE this dress! And the shoes! So fabulous!!


  2. $10 shoes? You should send the seller a Christmas card every year. (Teehee)

    1. I got these and the heels in the Independance Day post from these people! Such a steal, but 100% a gamble. They are either estate sale people, or bins people, perhaps even storage space bidders. Regardless, they dont care what they sell & for how much, but it might be messed up or smelly, bc they don't describe anything! Just iPhone pics! So weird.

  3. I love a little fade on 40s dresses I think it can look quite fabulous too!
    so glad Julie pointed out your blog!

    1. Thank you!! Funny, I thought your name looked familiar - I bought this 40s hat from you last year!

      It's a small world. Love that hat - thanks again! I'll have to include it in a post here soon, keep an eye out!!

      <3 Sara

  4. Those are absolutely the best $10 shoes I have ever seen:)