Friday, August 3, 2012

Audrey & William

It's photo sharing time!
Warning: these are way too cute, and it makes me a bit emotional.

Hopefully some of you remember this purse, which contained this telegram.

 (Sorry to any new followers, I'm being a bit too lazy to recap!)
The telegram made it safely home to Maryland, and I've had the pleasure of keeping in touch with Audrey & William's family for the past month or so. I was dying to see some pictures of them when they were young, because I'm such a nerd history buff.
So here they are, William Poffenberger & Audrey Moser.

This gem was sent to William when he was fighting in the Pacific... Hug from across the world!
So cool!

Plus, how drool-worthy are those shoes?

Last but not least, here is the happy couple!

Their daughter, Bev, told me she has a very early memory of her mother wearing this purse & a long leopard skin cape. Louie's beady glass eyes scared her, but she got cuddled up in the cape safely.... Oh, so cute. I cannot even fathom how glamorous that outfit was, crazy gator and leopard? Wowza! I bet she was stunning! Bev told me I have something that was owned by a very special woman. I don't doubt that for a split second, I wish I could've met her!

Thank you so much to Kelli & Bev (and the rest of you guys!) for letting me share your family photos. Seriously, such an honor.

It's hard to explain just how great it's been to be in touch with these folks, and return the telegram. How to describe such a mixed up ball of emotions? I don't know, but there have been a few messages that choked me up. I hope they know I'm so thankful to have randomly stumbled into their lives.

This was a humungous reminder of why vintage is so great. Sure, there are many factors (fabulousness, thrill of the hunt, finding something extra rare, quality, nostalgia, etc) - but when it comes down to it, it's a matter of owning history. I may never know the "story" of most of what I own, but what I do know is this: every item was owned by someone before me. That person had people they love, and who loved them... and to me, that makes it all meaningful.


  1. I've been waiting for an update on this!

    Seriously, I still can't wrap my head around what an amazing experience this entire thing must have been for you; from finding the telegram tucked in the purse to making the phone call and eventually receiving these photos. When most people think of history, we think only of the people who graced the books they made us read in school and the people we see profiled in tv documentaries. In reality, the bulk of history was composed of ordinary, everyday people. Getting to see the history of this couple just puts so many things into perspective and proves that all of us own our own place in history and are capable of leaving things behind that can impact the generations that come after us.


  2. Audrey and Bill where my grandparents and two very special people... My grandfather would have loved that you found this telegram, he loved a good old story and told many of his own to all of us. They where always so proud of there family and luved us with everything in them....Thanks for sharing there story....Billie Jo Horseman

  3. How touching. What a story! I almost choked up myself reading this. Makes me proud to be a fellow vintage and history enthusiast : )

  4. amazing. i really love that you wanted to bring the telegram home. ... and i like it even more that you were able to find the family and - how fantastic - you made friends. what a lovely story and how touching william's and audrey's story is.
    you're totally right; owning vintage means owning history. i often wonder what story could be behind of some of my pieces ...
    thanks for sharing. this post made my day.