Friday, August 31, 2012


This isn't so much an "outfit post", as it is a dress post.

I don't really think I need to get into why I love this dress.... it's fairly self explanatory.

Can all my clothes fit this well? Seriously.


After these were taken, I found a pile of french Vogue magazines in my alley... Winning!

1940s dress: Lucky Vintage
1940s wedges: Red Light

All photos courtesy of Irene Wang (of Heirloom Attire)


  1. this dress was made especially for you, right? because it suits you perfectly! oh, and vogues! you are one lucky lady! <3

    Stop Whispering

  2. You always find the most GORGEOUS dresses, ever! I need to Seattle for vintage shopping!

  3. this dress is gorg3ous and fits you like a glove. just like julia i can't wait to visit seattel for thrift and vintage shopping (i will for sure. it's my bfs hometown)...