Monday, September 17, 2012


I buy the local newspaper almost every day... And I literally never read the news.
So why on earth would I buy the paper every day? Easy: the crosswords, and the obituaries.

I started reading the obits because they are printed right next to the puzzles... and now I'm hooked. They offer such a personal glimpse into the lives people led, it's completely fascinating. And touching, and mysterious, and sad. But sometimes, downright adorable. Of course, my favorites tend to be ones with pictures of young women back in the day. Lately, I've been cutting these out & saving them - but perhaps they are too good to keep to myself. 

Here are my favorites from the past couple weeks, I hope you appreciate them too!

This plucked at my heart strings, for sure.

What an absolute doll! She sounds like she was a lovely & fascinating person, this makes me wish I could've known her. An antique collecting, traveling, animal loving, sandwich-making mother of nine kids? Oh man! And I love that they used both pictures - it goes to show you that true beauty is ageless.

Last, but not least. This lady is way too cute! I bet her & her "handsome young Air Force Pilot" were a knock out couple, it would be such a delight to see pictures of them together when they were young. My thoughts are definitely with her family this week!


What do you guys think? 
I'll keep squirreling these away regardless, because I'm a total weirdo. 
Would you like me to keep sharing?



  1. I think its fabulous and would love to read more! Gosh, kinda makes me feel like I should be having more kids though!

    1. Well you *do* happen to make adorable children, haha

  2. I've always found myself drawn to reading obits, too, especially since I'm my family's genealogist and you just never know when a familiar name of a distant relative or a family surname might pop up.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. That's great that you are the geneologist! Right now I'm tackling the process of scanning and organizing all our family photos and documents.. Next step will be documenting family trees! It's so complex, I'll have to ask for pointers once I get there!

  3. These are so wonderful. It makes me wish I had been reading the obits all along! I too would be drawn to the ones with photos from the early eras attached. I would love to see more!
    I'm so glad I found your blog--I've looked through a few posts, and your outfits are so lovely! You're beautiful! x