Friday, September 14, 2012

Victorian Revivals

Hello lovelies! Outfit time!
Basically, going for a 1930s Victorian Revival look here - I blame the cameo necklace.

I suppose this is mostly a 1930s ensemble - dress, bakelite, monkey muff. Then again, perhaps some of the bangles are '40s. And the bra. And the shoes are probably Edwardian. In any case... mainly 1930s.

I usually wear this out at night, but for once I happened to be wearing it before nightfall, woohoo! It's not even that I think it's too dressy for day wear.... because I'm often overdressed. But I'll be overdressed while like, scrounging around the floor at work/home (for whatever reason). So maxis aren't exactly a go-to, ya know?

Oh yeah, and this dress gives me even more curves.

Sometimes it's funny seeing myself in pictures, it gives me a different perspective of how I actually look... Like right now I'm thinking HOLY CRAP, that is such a pointy bra! (And now it's my favorite, lol.)

Good grief, I need to dye my hair sooo bad, but keep putting it off. Too busy, with a splash of laziness.

'30s Victorian Revival celluloid & bakelite cameo necklace = <3!

Any guesses on how old these boots are? I'm holding out a broad umbrella of "Edwardian"... but obviously this isn't my area of expertise! Regardless, these are extra comfy & a complete classic.

Bird bangle! *Squee!*

Last but not least, a little monkey fur action. I looove monkey fur. If I could just creepily drape myself in it, a la Gloria Swanson, I totally would. More realistically - yet still ridiculously - I just have this muff & a matching cape. You'll meet my cape eventually, I'm sure.

Okie dokie, that's enough for one day, I hope you all have an extra fabulous weekend!


1930s lace gown: Lucky Vintage
Boots, bakelite bangles & necklace: Antique Stores
Monkey muff & bakelite earrings: Red Light
Black bangle: Rhinestone Rosie

All photos courtesy of Irene Wang (of Heirloom Attire)


  1. Man, oh man, that is one awesome ensemble! The dress is totally divine and I'm in love with the bra back. Is it a single hook closure? You look smashing.

    1. Thank you!! Yeah, single hook, with a funny eyelet. Love it!

  2. Awe-inspiringly gorgeous look! I'm smitten with the idea of pairing alluring, romantic black lace with classic 30/40s bangles. Amazing outfit through and through!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Ohhh, gorgeous! Everything is so gorgeous especially you! :) x

  4. this dress is a stunner! you look gorgeous!