Saturday, October 13, 2012

Great Aunt Barbie

Hello lovelies!

Today I wanted to share some family photos lent to me by my wonderful Aunt Wanda.
She's been the keeper of family records & photos for quite a while, and she's been generously sharing them with me over the last year. Her collection is a gold mine, I'm such a lucky gal!

While her collection dates back to the 1800s, today I'd like to share one special lady with you - my Great Aunt Barbie. I had a hard time weeding out photos... She was quite possibly the cutest person ever.

Seattle!... to Victoria?

Told you! So stinkin' adorable, I can't handle it.



  1. What an absolutely lovely, stylish, beautiful woman Barbie was. It's fantastic that your family has so many photos of her to pass on to future generations. Thank you for sharing these with us, it's an honour to see glimpses of your family tree.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I wish I was lucky enough to share her genes! Her husband is my grandfather's brother. But that seems to be pretty dang lucky as well, so I'm not complaining:) Barbie was as sweet as she was adorable too (if not more so.)

      And there are definitely more family photos to come... both my grandmas were aaaadorable in their day (oh, and now too, of course!)

  2. such a stylish and grogeous lady .... wow.

  3. She was gorgeous and I *love* her hairdos! I love looking at old photos!