Thursday, October 4, 2012

Obituaries: Round 2

Why, hello there!
I don't have any outfit pictures to post today, wah wahh. I'm taking some pictures later today though, so next time, I promise! 

In the mean time, here are a few great obituaries from the past few weeks <3

What a beauty! I wonder where on Capitol Hill she grew up...

What a babe! Wouldn't mind being married to him for 73 years...

And my absolute favorite:

Holy crap. What a badass.
You can tell her family reaaally struggled to fit her story into such a small space. A member of the Polish Resistance? The Siberian Gulag for 2 years? Evacuation through the Middle East? A member of the RAF? Whaaaaat.... Oh man, I wish I could've met her! And then she was a librarian. And talented Polish folk artist... Wow, just I love this woman.

Was Romana your favorite too?


  1. oh gosh I used to read the obits daily when I lived back at home, it was morbid was so interesting too...I agree Romana sure was amazing...

  2. Man, wouldn't she have been a treat to know?!?!

  3. Yes, I do think Romana was favourite, too, but I'd have happily sat down with any three of these wonderful, inspiring sounding people, to hear tales of times, both good and bad alike, before my day and their thoughts on life in general.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Holy cow! I never knew obituaries could be so exciting!!!
    That last chick is UBER bad ass.

  5. Hi, Sara! Fun keeping up with your life via your mom. Glad you're enjoying Seattle; what a great place to live. Cheers!
    (email same as your mom's with my name (duh) instead of her's)
    Photo is still photo other than the digital conversion, but there's always a few who do darkroom work, too.
    Have a good weekend! You're one stylish lady ;-)

    1. Aww! It's good to hear from you! Totally put a dorky grin on my face:D