Friday, October 19, 2012


Why, hello there!

Apologies for the delay in outfit posts lately. I've been the busiest little bee this month! Working constantly & getting ready to move next week.... Oh man, I hate moving. I mean, ok, who doesn't? But still... Barf. 
Anyhow, it'll be over soon, so I shouldn't whine;)

Okie dokie, onto fun stuff. Like this '40s dress. With star novelty print... Uhh, yeah.


 Can you tell I finally re-dyed & cut my hair? Feels so much better!

Oh yeah, aaand I got a perm. Which basically did nothing, except now my pin curls stay in slightly better. And I suppose it definitely has more body now. Silly straight hair, I'm doomed to chase elusive curls for the rest of eternity.

Love it! 
Also, speaking of love.... I opened my birthday present from my dad yesterday, and almost had a heart attack. I should save this for an outfit post - but it's too good not to share! - even if it's only an iPhone photo.

Black bakelite perfection, *squee!*

 He did good, yeah?

1940s dress & bakelite earrings: Lucky Vintage
1940s shoes: West Seattle Antique Mall
1940s bakelite brooch: Rhinestone Rosie

All photos courtesy of Irene Wang


  1. This dress is MARVELOUS!!! And that brooch!? OMG! Yes, you dad did amazing!!


  2. Utterly gorgeous star print dress! I can never get enough of your fantastic outfits and have always thought your hair looked sublime, my fellow born-with-stick-straight-locks dear.

    Fingers crossed that all goes well with your move,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh is your hair super straight too? I never would've guessed, it always looks so fab! Thanks for the well wishes... as long as it's not pouring I should be ok, lol.


  3. Oh gosh, I understand on the hair front. The back of my pincurl set pretty much always looks like that. I'm madly jealous of your novelty print successes right now, and don't even get me STARTED on that pin. It's absolutely gorgeous!