Friday, January 11, 2013

Lucky Dry Goods

So basically, this is not an outfit post, because I'm being a lazy jerk. But just to tide you over, here is a shot taken by my best friend Jaynie (#the_mugwumpus), of me in the deadstock late 1930s sunglasses my mom got me for Christmas! I'm so in love! Ahhh!

 Did that sate your appetite for pics of me? Hope so. Regardless, I'm going to the annual Fur & Feathers party tomorrow in Portland, & will be sure to get lots of outfits pics. Stay tuned. Today, my post is about my sparkly new job! 

It's a bit convoluted, but here's the story: I've been working for the owner of Lucky Vintage on & off for a couple years now; in her other store for a bit & for one of her etsy shops, Lola Nye. So when she announced she was opening a new Lucky boutique location in Ballard, I was basically like... *omgomgcaryniwannaworktherepleasethanks*. And thus, the wheels were in motion. It took a lot of hard work on everyone's part, but we finally opened December 23!

You guys. It's a dream store. I'm the luckiest duck in the world to come to such a magical place & get paid for it. I mean, really. So today, I wanted to give you a lil peek into paradise, and show you some of my favorite things... and I really had to narrow this down. I thought I'd just take a few pics of the most drool-worthy, but then ended up with like, 80 pictures. Oh.. yeah, that's too much.

Drum roll please.....

Introducing Lucky Dry Goods!


As you might be able to tell, I'm super proud of our menswear section. It's a vintage workwear lovers wet dream. It's chock-full of classic labels like Pendleton, Filson, Eddie Bauer, L.L.Bean, Red Wing & Justin boots, Red Line Levis, etc. As well as goods for the dapper chap, like 30s-50s suits, trousers, shirts, hats & overcoats. And much, much more. I haven't been this floored by a mens selection since the secret "for Japanese pickers only" room at my old job in SF... let alone for the general public! Ladies, get your gents in here & reap the benefits of going on on the town with your well-dressed arm candy!

And don't worry, the ladies selection is just as killer.

I mean, LOOK at this wall. It's like an army of flappers.

Isn't that lamb & ermine collar/muff set outrageous? And don't even get me started on the full-length mint condition '40s monkey coat, the rant would never end.

And here are a few of my favorite things!
 Sorry for the jump, but it's a photo-heavy post:)

Grandma's bakelite // 1930s Sweater // First Purchase

Paisley // Stripes // Victorian

Brass Studs // Novelty Bow Print // 1940s

Beads // Bows // 1920s

Silk Chenille // Giant Flowers // 1920s
This used to be mine... Still periodically questioning my sanity for having sold it. Derp.

Japanese // WWII // 1940s
I forgot to mention - we have kids clothes! Such, such cute kids clothes. These two souvenir jackets are currently NFS, but we have tons more oldies for the youngins. I sold a dotty '30s dress to a 4 year old the other day, she was so excited & kept yelling "Mom! It's older than Grandma! IT"S OLDER THAN GRANDMA!"... And then my heart melted.

Novelty Print // Bows // Belted // 1940s

Bakelite // Celluloid // Silly Goose!

Gabardine Dream // Arrow Print // 1940s Suit

Deadstock // Burgundy // 1930s

Metallic Gold // Swirled Embroidery // 1940s Blouse

Ribbon Flowers // Beads // Silk // 1920s Cloche

Peep Toe // Bows // 1940s

Wedding Gown // Lace // 1920s

Ok, I'll stop teasing you with goodies. But now you have some idea of what I'm talking about, even though that is *barely* the tip of the iceberg. I didn't even get into the territory of my favorite vintage designers (Lilli Ann, Claire McCardell, Balmain, Suzy Perrette, Miriam Haskell, etc.) or the insanely long list of other designers that aren't so much my forte (insert lengthiest list ever.) This makes it sound like we'd be insanely expensive, but we aren't. It's just quality stuff, in a real store, for way, way less than you'd ever pay for the exact same piece on the internet.

Plus, our building is from 1906, isn't that perfect?

So if you're ever in Seattle, come visit me at 5424 Ballard Ave NW! Huzzah!
And be sure to follow Lucky Dry Goods on Facebook! I'm going to do my bestest to upload new pics every day I work.

Hope ya'll are doing swell! I'll be back soon to share a day of glam vintage gals, cocktails & furry friends <3

xox Sara


  1. Oh my god! I'm already dying over half the things in this store! I need to convince some of my friends for a day trip up to Seattle! Seriously.

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!


  2. oooooh I'll have to go and check it out!

    1. Please do! It would be nice to meet you irl! Actually... I saw a pic of you & your man & thought.... I think I sold him those shoes at Edie's. Oh! And I'm there M-W <3

  3. This looks beyond amazing!!! I can't wait to come check it out!

    1. We are going to have an actual grand opening event soon - we had such a soft opening, bc it was just... time? haha. I'll be sure to send you an invite!

  4. What an amazing shop and what a lucky girl you are to be working in it! Looks lovely, and I hope you will be happy there.

    Porcelina x

  5. I love your sunglasses, especially with that scarf! Many congratulations on the new job and I only wish I was in the right country to come and visit the shop, it looks amazing. x

  6. That is a dream workplace for sure, oh my stars! By all means, feel free to post the rest of the 80 photos (or more) with us anytime, I could never get tired of looking at a shop such as that. I'm thrilled for you that you're working someplace so awesome and hope that everything is going stellar for you there. You better believe it that if I'm ever in Seattle, I'll be making a beeline to come see you there first thing!

    I truly want to thank you, Sara, for your immensely kind, thought, and very helpful comment on my wig reveal post. I truly appreciate that you shared some of your mom's personal experience with me. Oh how I wish I was in (or was at least closer to) Portland so that I could visit the same wig seller that she got hers from. It's awesome to know that the cap of her wig allowed her to style it so many ways. Do you happen to know what type of cap it was? I'm building an ongoing list of qualities/components to look for when I (eventually) go shopping for a real hair wig and would love to add that type of cap to the list.

    With the deepest of gratitude, thank you again,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. *Blush*

      She couldn't remember off-hand what brand, etc it was - but was going to call them and investigate! I'll keep you posted!

      <3 Sara

  7. Congratulations on the new job - the place looks amazing!

    And love those sunnies!

  8. Oh wow I wish we had treasure troves like this in New Zealand. fWe plan to visit the States in a few years and I will need to tour all these places ( poor hubby lol)
    Lovely blog

    1. I hear vintage is expensive in NZ & AU! You are going to loooove the US;) Even if you don't make it to Seattle, feel free to message me, I usually have favorite places & recommendations from everywhere I've been! I'm a frugal fran, so I tend to know the jackpot places, but I also enjoy having a good drool.. so I know those places too;)

      <3 Sara