Friday, April 5, 2013

Balloon Sleeves & Swing Coats

Hello lovelies!

It's time for an outfit post - shocking, I know. Last Sunday, my friend Jaynie & I hung out all afternoon & she snapped some shots. Randomly, I happened to be wearing my two of my favorite silhouettes - balloon sleeves & an ultra-swingy coat. Like many things, the more exaggerated they are, the more I like them. In that light, I'll introduce you to this crazy late '30s blouse.

I'm not sure pictures can quite do justice to how wide these sleeves are. The top half is completely pleated, allowing for soooo much fabric. It would be the most unflattering thing imaginable, if it weren't for the fitted bodice & nipped waist. Love.

Unsigned Miriam Haskell, swoon.

The detail of the bodice... Do any sewing-savvy gals out there know what this technique is called? Is it considered a type of fagoting? I should ask my grandmother, she'd know. Whatever it is, it looks tedious & time consuming... but also quite impressive & pretty. Bravo original owner, bravo.

And the coat. This coat rules, it's like wearing a fashionable snuggie. The illusion of classiness, when you are really just wearing a big blanket. Genius.

Carved bakelite button, mmmm.
I may or may not be covering a klutz-related coffee dribble with my hand.


Hope you enjoyed. It's terrible, my new years resolution was to be a more consistent blogger, and I've totally failed. (At least I'm succeeding with my other resolution, which was wear hats more often, lol.) But! I have been on Instagram quite a lot lately, so feel free to find me, @lilies_remains.


1930s blouse & 1950s coat: Lucky Vintage
1940s skirt: Pretty Parlor
1940s shoes: West Seattle Antique Mall
1930s Miriam Haskell brooch: Rhinestone Rosie


  1. That BLOUSE! I just...I can't. Your closet missy! It may be one of the best on the west coast. Heck, maybe the world! I love every single square inch of that blouse. And what a coat too!


  2. Beautiful! Love the colour combo x

  3. Good heavens, do you look incredible! That blouse is simply perfect in every last way, from the balloon sleeves to the dusty-blue hue, it's utterly resplendent. (I am always so thrilled when you post a new outfit for us, sweet gal - I can never, ever get enough of your killer vintage style.)

    ♥ Jessica

  4. My goodness, I am in love with every aspect of this outfit, but especially the blouse. Seriously swoon worthy! Just gorgeous! Also, you've inspired me to try something new with my hair.

  5. Wow what a heavenly blouse, it looks great on you!


  6. this blouse is fabulous ... the wide and pleated sleaves are gorgeous ans the details are so delicate ... and the coat ... the coat is the best coat i've seden for a while! great find.

  7. You look so gorgeous in that blouse. Congrats! ;-) Matt