Thursday, April 18, 2013

Brighten Up

It may still be raining as I write this, but it finally feels like spring is truly here in Seattle.
I can take on all the rain the Pacific Northwest can muster, but having it be dark & cold... well that I could do without. The dark depths of winter have subsided, and I can't be more stoked. My lightweight coats have reappeared, and maybe I'll even stop wearing black all the time?! Ok, maybe not. But I'll at least make an effort to be more colorful... enter this outfit, I swear I'm trying, lol.

I'm completely obsessed with these 40s oxfords. Rainbow laces! 

I got this 30s celluloid, brass & bakelite necklace on Ebay for $20. 
Not sure why no one else was bidding, but yay!

I'm pretty into this 40s hat. It's wool felt, but due to the cutouts, open crown, & wide brim, I feel like it's going to be making appearances all summer. Plus, bows on the back!

I'd never seen rainbow corde before I met this purse. I want more or them! 
Internet searches are proving futile:(
Oh yes, and there is a lightweight coat involved. 

While I love those shoulders, the lining is absolutely the best part. Chartreuse animal novelty print!


Sorry that was so photo-heavy, I had a hard time weeding em out. My friend Jaynie just takes good pictures of me! (Thanks, girl!)

Hope all is well with you ladies (or gents?)


1940s dress, oxfords, hat: Lucky Vintage (hat) / Lucky Dry Goods
Bakelite: Markets/ antique stores, who knows.
1940s Purse: Red Light
1930s necklace: Ebay


  1. Not all that photo heavy, missy! I post a lot more sometimes! ;) And every picture was worth it!


  2. When all the photos are that pretty, who minds? Your whole ensemble is fantastic, and I'm particularly fond of that bright bakelite necklace of yours! What a steal.

  3. I really like this outfit, the shoes especially!

  4. What a beautiful hat, and wow what a score on that necklace!

  5. Your outfit is lovely and I can't get over the amazing details of each piece.

  6. That coat! That dress! That hat! Wow, what a wonderful outfit and you look amazing in that raspberry color.

  7. Your outfits are always so stupendously lovely and ripe with the most marvelous details. One viewing of the photos in a post like this is never enough. I go back a second, third, etc time to soak in and appreciate every last gorgeous element (swooning and fawning over them like a madwoman all the while :)).

    ♥ Jessica

  8. this outfit is just fantastic ... every little piece is so unique and special ...

    hey, would you be so kind to name some of your fav vintage stores in seattle. i will be visiting seattle in june and i'd love to check out some(40-50s)vintage shops.

    1. Yes! Absolutely! I'm at work right now, but will happily write you a list tmrw!

      x sara

  9. Squee, indeed! And I agree with the other readers, we love the photos. You look lovely, and I like all the details you give about each item. It's always wonderful to see a real person wearing vintage in "real life." But may I ask, what's up with the holes in the stockings? Political statement? Fashion statement? Spent all your money on the fabulous accessories? Just curious, is all. Not making a value judgment. And wow, I have never seen rainbow corde before, either! That is really nifty.

    1. Haha, if anything it's the last one, for I'm just terribly rough on my stockings. Like, I'll buy perfect deadstock backseam lovelies... and they'll have runs in them in under 3 wears, tops. Ugghh. (I should just start painting seams ala WWII!)

      But if I'm being honest, the other factor is... I guess I like it. I mean, it's always really alarming & sad when something first goes awry.. but I'm kind of a sucker for the more tattered side of vintage. I always try to restore & repair the best I can, and I'd rather things were minty, but there's also the side of me who will wear something until it literally disintegrate into nothing. Like how much I love tattered 30s lace (it starts looking like spiderwebs). Or how much I love rayon jersey, even though it's inclined to be splattered with tiny holes. Or how I secretly love light fade on rayon crepe. Heck, I even like how some of my clothes smell musty when it rains... I realize those might all sound weird to some people, vintage lovers included. I'm glad you asked, now I'm sitting here pondering *why* that is, which is really a blog post in itself!

      xo Sara

  10. I really love all the details of this outfit/pieces. The lining of that coat is to die for. And I have to say, I love your style! It's so refreshing to see such effort & thought put into style, especially in Seattle!