Thursday, April 11, 2013

Filipino Found Photos

Hello all! I was cleaning today, and found this little batch of photos I'd forgotten about.

This little cluster was found in an antique mall outside Manitou Springs, Colorado. All must have belonged to the same person or family, and I think all but one were taken in the Philippines. It apparently spans the 1920s through the early 1950s. 

There is a lot of cute clothes & hair going on, holy moly.

It's hard to tell because of the shadows, but I think these are the same girls in both photos?

Written on the back (the handwriting!):


Written on the back: Lots of love, your sis, Dot. B. H. S. - '35

I feel like this was taken in the US, but apparently Dot moved to the Philippines, for here she is years later - on the far right! She reminds me a lot of Ingrid Bergman in this one.

I wonder if the gal on the far left is one of the sisters from the 20s photos... What do you think?

Last but not least, this family photo from 1953. Perhaps Aunt Florence is the lady shown above? I wish I knew! *whine*

On the back:

I tried googling anything I could to find out more about these people, but came up empty handed. Dangit. At the very least, we can let our imaginations play a guessing game!



  1. These are marvelous, Sara, thank you very much for sharing some of your found relatives from the Philippines with us. I completely agree with you about the Ingrid Bergman vibe (she also looks a bit like a young Lauren Bacall).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oohh I could totally see the Bacall resemblance too!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE old photos. It's so amazing that these all belonged to the same person! I can only wonder what Dot's life story was.... if only we could time travel. And seriously, how great is the name dot.

    Here are some photos that I found semi-recently in Seattle:

    -Other Sara!

    1. I love the name Dot too... of course, since it's my grandmother's name. She stopped going by Dot ages ago (my grandpa always called her Dotty), now she just goes by Dorothy. I wonder what made her drop the cute nickname? I'll have to ask her.

  3. It's a beautiful adventure find treasures like this, it carries our mind far away in time ... I ask me, if these people ever think that these pictures were going to be here, delighting us ....

    1. I always wonder that too! Which in turn makes me wonder if people will be doing the same with us in 80 years... or maybe not since we take so many digital photos?

  4. Oh Dot's hair in the second photo! And her dress! She's quite stunning. I just love found photos, it's nice to see "real" people especially over a span of time like this.
    Definitely a fan of Manitou Springs as well, neat town! Thanks for sharing.