Monday, May 6, 2013

Aloha From Seattle

It's heating up in Seattle, so I got a haircut yesterday.
 My infinitely patient cousin cuts & dyes my hair, and even though it's not her thing, she's gone completely out of her way to perfect the 40s cut I want. She nailed it.

And then she took some pictures of me in my grandma's backyard.
Thank you Kirsti, you rule so hard.

 Love love. So happy.

Anywho.. onto clothes. 
This 40s suit is the one and only Hawaiian thing I own. Perhaps it's just not my thing, or perhaps I always resent the price tags. But this rayon peplum suit? Yes, please, thank you very much.

My favorite sleeve length, just above the elbow.
Shell rhinestone buttons & cheerful brooch action.

I love it when it starts getting warm out, and all of a sudden my wrists are constantly reeking of formaldehyde.
Not being sarcastic, I really do love it.

Whenever I wear this, I get The Cramps' Aloha From Hell in my head all day. It's inevitable. Luckily, after a day with the family, I went to an ultra-excellent late 70s punk/dark disco/wave night and amongst other perfect tunes, certainly got my Cramps on.

This is my favorite version of this song on Youtube, because it's been synched with footage from a wonderfully campy looking 60s movie Horrors of Spider Island.


1940s Hawaiian suit: Ray's Ragtime, Portland
1940s celluloid brooch: Urban Eccentric, Vancouver WA
Bakelite bangles: here, there & everywhere
Bakelite dotty earrings: No Parking
Wedges: Edie's Shoes


  1. You look gorgeous! That suit is to die for. Your hair looks super great, it reminds me I really need to get mine trimmed up. I'd love to get more of bang too, yours always looks so nice.


  2. Very flattering ensemble. You look great!

    Advance apologies and hit delete, no hard feelings, if you don't allow outside links, but wanted to share a blog post about vintage Hawaiian dresses, which I happen to love -

    1. Thank you! No worries dear, it was completely appropriate - that looks great on you as well! Plus... new cocktail recipe;)

  3. Sooo pretty!! I adore the brooch.

  4. The hair looks fabulous. Aren't you luck to have a cousin who is so handy with hair. I love love love the suit.

  5. Your suit is amazing, I love the colours!

  6. Great suit - I particularly love the buttons. Thanks also for sharing the video, the movie footage goes great with the song.

  7. What a strikingly lovely suit! That peaceful colour palette is pure heaven with your gorgeous red locks. I think it's so cool that you enjoy that smell. I'm sure I would, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Love the hair!! You look so lovely and love the buttons on that dress...great detail!
    Have a fabulous weekend my dear!
    May x

  9. Your outfits are always so well put together! I esp love that brooch on that awesome ensemble. Ray's Ragtime is such a fun place and I love how they have everything organized by waist size. Makes shopping so much easier. I'm a new bakelite bangle owner and was a bit surprised by how much they smelled when I wore them, esp on a hot day. One day it seemed like the bangle even sweated on me in a way, the color stained my skin a bit. Does that happen to you? Which lead to another shot of paranoia... can the formaldehyde in the bangle seep into my skin? That can't be good, right? And maybe that's why bakelite turned out of favor? I was just stoked to hear someone mentioning the smell when wearing because I hadn't heard it on any blogs yet.

    1. Pretty funny, I'm sitting here with two of my bakelite loving gfs, so I read your comment to them and here's the results:

      2/3 have had yellow stains. I get them all the time! Hypothesis: I think it's the patina rubbing off. Some bangles are worse culprits than others, I think it depends on how it was stored/ how much it oxidized.

      2/3 has thought about the toxicity factor. So... That had never occurred to me. Errrm, oh dear. I thought - but in that sort of 'I read somewhere?'' way - that bakelite went out bc there were new plastics coming out that were cheaper and easier to produce? ... That doesn't mean it's not poison though, sigh.

    2. Interesting! I love how you held a poll : )
      In my research I read that bakelite is really toxic to produce so it's really bad for the health of the people who work in the factories. I heard that bakelite is still being produced which is pretty wrong IMO, because they're getting away with putting people in toxic situations because it's in overseas plants. Interesting stuff. I still love the bakelite though!

    3. Holy crap. Not surprising though. The state of manufacturing these days, it's abhorrent. I'm pretty anti-new things, and it's not because of snobbery (although I do take issue with the quality & materials used)... it's because I can't trust how they were made. Anything overseas.... There's such a horrifying list of possible atrocities for the workers (or you know, straight up slaves.) It's so frustrating, for there's certain things that are incredibly unavoidable too! (Like underwear, for example. Even if you make your own, you are forced to buy the stretchy fabric that's made overseas anyways. Uggghhh whyyyy.)

      Grumpy cat face.

  10. Good gravy, are you ever cute! LOVE your haircut and the dress is beautiful. Love the print and I can never get enough of peplum. ;-)

  11. I think Hawaiian print looks great on you; it's got to be the price tags.

    What great buttons on that dress and that brooch is so wonderful!

    You are lucky to have a great stylist. She does a superb job even if the 1940's cut is not her specialty.