Wednesday, May 15, 2013

For Novelty's Sake

This past week, I had the great pleasure of being visited by my dear friend, Hannah.
I don't know if this is normal, but this gal is one of my very best friends, and yet we've literally never lived in the same place. We were basically fated to be friends. In 2010, she was a customer of mine at a vintage place I was working at in San Francisco. We traded info, and somehow here we are, 3 years later, being snarky vintage soul mates. Gf lives back on the East Coast these days, so it was a relief to see her after almost a year. 

We did a lot of shopping, of course. On Saturday, we borrowed a car & went out to Snohomish for some antiquing. Luckily, the overwhelmingly adorable shop Coming Up Roses was open, and she got me in lots of beautiful trouble. I'm going to have to go back in a few paychecks, because WOW. I can't even believe her inventory exists. And all in one place?! I wanted to buy everything, but I can't.

But I got this 40s novelty print dress & feathery 40s hat (plus two other hats... like I said, trouble.)

It's hard to see, but it's cat & the fiddle print! In my two favorite colors, chartreuse & coral. 


I bought these platforms while my foot was still broken. Talk about wishful thinking, they are almost 6" heels! Hahaha. 

One novelty print down, one to go.
Meet Hannah, and her 40s pegasus dress.

Outtakes are always the best.

With our powers combined.... Unstoppable.


1940s dress & hat: Coming Up Roses
1940s platforms: Lucky Vintage
Bakelite heart: Lucky Dry Goods

As always, thanks to my other best friend, Jaynie Healy, for taking the best pictures. 


  1. what a couple of vintage beauties!

  2. Love your vintage finds and best of all, you did it together! Love all.the great photos ladies!

  3. Ladies you both look so smashingly lovely! What a dream day of vintage shopping it sounds like you had. I very much hope to explore more of the (US) Pacific coast states one day and will be adding Coming Up Roses to my list of dream destinations for sure (your description of how you couldn't believe that kind of inventory exists in one place has piqued my interest to absolutely no end!).

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Mega hatswoon!!!

  4. Wow! You always manage to find the most amazing 40s print dresses - I am so jealous of your wardrobe!! I think I really need to move to the States!

  5. oh, this dress is so awesome. the print is pretty fun and looks so modern! ... the hat totally hits the nail. great finds, gal!

    thank you so much for your comment and the little shopping guide. i really don't want to bother you - but do you know a good vintage haidresser in seattle aswell? i don't dare to do my wedding hairdo on my own. a good hair dresses with vintage skills would be a big help ... (the future hubby mostly knows punk rock hair dressers in his hometown).

    1. Ahhh.... I don't:/ It's pretty fantastically annoying, for I'd love it if there was! The closest gal I know of is Kristen Behlings, who lives in Portland. She does all the hair for FabGabs' photo shoots. But that's 3 hours away, ugh. I wish I could help!!

  6. Totally love your dress and hat, I don't blame you for wanting to buy so much stuff if that is just a sample of what was in that shop!

  7. You look adorable, shoes are amazing :)

  8. omg these outfits are amazing :)
    I love this vintage style!

  9. both of those dresses! I love novelty print and chartreuse so duh, that's awesome. And Hannah's dress is amazing! I saw the same dress online for sale a while ago and was pining for it.

    1. On Etsy? Probably the same one! I have an idea it was a pretty penny, but she was so in love she saved up. I have Facebook messages spanning at least 6 months over how much she wanted it hahaha.

  10. That hat & novelty print dress (oh la la!) are quite the find!