Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Laughter & Forgetting

Confession: I'm a ridiculous slob. My apartment looks like a 1940s department store after an epic earthquake. Seriously, just a massive clothes bomb. 

So... sometimes I forget I own stuff. Not kidding. When I clean, it's like I'm shopping for free.
I found this 30s dress tucked in the depths of my closet the other day, huzzah! Happy I unearthed it, for the print is smashing. I promise I won't forget about you again, dress.

Pretty obsessed with this 30s hat right now. I love the contrast of textures between the crown & brim. And that veiling!

This monogrammed 30s (or 20s?) purse has certainly seen better days. But I'm a sucker for the shabby oldies, what can I say?

I'd forgotten about these 40s cobra heels too. *facepalm*

It got chilly, and Jaynie and I headed off for some brunch.
And a cocktail.

I'm already embarrassed I admitted I'm messy, and I haven't even hit publish yet. Blogging is funny, for you do have the option to show or express only what you choose. Sometimes it's hard to admit not-so-great things to well... the entire world. (Not that the whole world reads this, for sure.)

Luckily, my very good friend / vintage partner in crime / soulmate Hannah is visiting me next week. So I have to put things away before she comes. Yay for motivation! Looking forward to a whole lot of nerdy vintage shenanigans, we're going to paint the town red.


1930s dress & 1940s coat: Lucky Vintage (and both on sale! what what!)
1930s hat: Hollywood Vintage, Portland
1940s shoes & 1930s purse: Red Light


  1. Love this whole look! And super jealous you're going to hang with Hannah! Any plans to come down to PDX?

  2. Oh so cute!!!! I love the pattern and the dress. Don't you just wish you could step back in time and spend a day in the 30's all glammed up? I do:) I wish they had more vintage events where I live. My basement looks like a war zone. I keep telling myself I am going to go down there and organize. I really need too:)

    1. I would kill for a time machine. Not so I could live back then, but so I could just go shopping & then come back!

      I wish there were more vintage events around here too! Seems like there's lots more vintage stuff going on in Portland than in Seattle. But it's so hard to take time off work and go down there! Arg.

  3. You have such a divine collection of clothing and accessories! Seriously, every piece is just amazing. I

  4. wow, this dress is fabulous. i can't believe you forgot about it. ... that's a lie. once in a while i find dresses hidden under some wintercoats - i forgot about them aswell. ;)

  5. You lucky lady, you! I'm the polar opposite when it comes to closet organization (everything is neatly arrange, sorted by style and then again by colour, and I always know what I have/don't have), so sadly I never encounter awesome surprises like that when I go to get dressed.

    This dress is all kinds of fabulous! I adore the vibrant print and longer hem length (given the choice, I'll always opt for a longer hem length), and of course how you styled it (could that hat be any more amazing? I rather think not! :)).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'm glad you mentioned the length! I'm a bit intimidated about ankle-mid shin length bc I'm pretty short. (Maxi length is fine for some reason) I actually keep pondering whether I should hem this a couple inches, but decided that collar commands a longer hem line. You're reassuring me:)

  6. Wow, perfect combination from head to toe! Love the killer shoes!
    I also forgot some things I own when I reorganised my cabinets last week, don´t worry :-)

  7. You look so cute! Great items. I especially love those shoes. It's so hard for me to find vintage shoes in my size.

  8. Ugh, the eternal quest! I'm an 8, so I'm not necessarily in the best boat, but certainly better off than some sizes! I would kill to be a size 6, all those crazy platforms out there taunting me.

  9. Super late with this post (new follower. getting caught up on your blog. Love it by the way). But I'm swooning over your dress and SHOES!!! Those shoes are FAB!!!!