Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tied & Twist

Hi guys! Admittedly, this is a bit of a meh post. 
Jaynie is out of town, so I've been left to my lonesome the past week.
So... I broke out the tripod in my apartment. I've been working on blogging more consistently, thus I'd rather have a so-so post than none at all.

I suppose this is the first peek of my newish apartment as well!
Meet my favorite lil corner:)

I got a new scarf the other day. I may get obsessive about dresses and hats, but sometimes a bit of fabric is just as squee-worthy. I mean, it has a freaking mermaid on it.

I was just about to run off to my cafe job when I took these.
I'm always on the hunt for new easy updos for work (or you know, lazy life), so I was pretty gleeful when I learned this scarf roll from Tasha at By Gum By Golly. It's a cinch to do, but *seems* time consuming - my favorite kind of hairstyle.

Debating whether I should bring this brooch to Rhinestone Rosie & get it fixed up. I know I paid a buck or two for it though, and am torn about whether it's worth the cost of repairs. So many dead, discolored, or missing stones. For now, I'm happy with its shabby state.

Hopefully the tripod selfies weren't too unbearable!
In better news, Jaynie gets back tomorrow (thank god.)


1930s slip (worn as skirt), 1940s scarf & 1940s blouse: Lucky Vintage
1930s beaded purse: Red Light
1940s brooch: some jewelry bargain tray somewhere


  1. That scarf is to DIE FOR! And you, stop being so adorable! I can't handle it! <3

  2. *Squeal!!!* You look so wonderfully pretty, colour coordinated, and darling. That scarf is a total gem - love the hues and whimsical design so much!

    Big hugs & the happiest of Monday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. If you text me the number of small clear rhinestones that you need, I will bring some the next time I drop by the shop while you're working! I just put a tiny drop of glue into each spot with a sewing pin and then pop them in. I think I've got about 65 foil-backed rhinestones as replacements.

  4. I say instead of having the brooch repaired by someone, you take it to Michael's and find the correct size / color stones and repair it yourself for a few dollars. I have done that with so many of my vintage brooches. Plus, it is far to lovely and unique not to hold onto it.


  5. That hair scarf looks so amazing on you! It's a pity that i don't have patience to use one for a long period, i'd like to look as fabulous as you!

    I loved you blog, and i'm already following your page on facebook! xo

  6. i love silk. this blouse is totally adorable ... you look fab!

    hey, how great! actually i already planned to pop by your work place. it would be so exciting to meet you there ... hopefully it works out. :)