Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blue Sunshine

Hooray it's finally summer! Of course that means it's kinda still raining here, thanks Seattle. In any case, these were taken when it was pretty-ish outside, and I was feeling summery. As I mentioned before, I'm reaaally trying to wear more colors these days. This is so bright & girlie, it makes the goth girl in me feel uncomfortable.

... Let's be honest, once the sun sets, I'm back in black. But still, baby steps.

This pretty silk 30s dress is hilariously obnoxious, for it closes via a long strip of hooks & fabric eyes all the way up the front... Seriously, it takes an eternity to get in & out of. But (chartreuse!) potted plants & a double pointed peplum? Alright, worth the effort.

Ever since my recent floral post, I've been wearing a weird amount of fake flowers. I borrowed these silk flowers off a 40s sunhat, and I'm glad I did! I can tack em back on the hat if needed, but it's nice to have options.


Hope you folks are doing fabulous! I picked up a new stack of 40s magazine gems on Sunday, so there's some ridiculously drool-worthy early 40s fashion coming your way soon! Stay tuned.



  1. This is darling! And I can't even cope with how fab your hair is! I must still that snood!!


  2. You look like you've stepped out of one of the LIFE magazines :) I love that dress and your hair looks fabulous!


  3. Gloriously gorgeous outfit! Navy looks incredible with your colouring (which, you know, is quite similar to mine), and the pink hair blooms inject such an awesome sense of summer into this timeless ensemble, dear gal.

    We've been getting pelted with rain a plenty on this side of the Pacific-touching 49th lately, too (though it doesn't begin to compare to what those truly poor folks in Alberta have been contending with lately - I feel so sorry for them :( ).

    Can't wait to see some of the 40s fashion mags you scored!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. What a marvelous job on you hair! All those glorious curls, I'm in awe:))) Also, those shoes...love, love, love them! Lovely outfit so much fun!!!

  5. oh, you must have taken the pictures in the morning ... around 12pm fall was back again in yelm. it's cold and rainy again! gorgeous outfit. love the dress so much.

    if everything works out fine, the hubby and i will visit you probably tomorrow.
    see you hopefully then. :)
    wardrobe experience - nicola

  6. Amazing!! Love the shoes too - they are so cute! Glad you're getting some summer where you are!

  7. Your hair looks absolutely divine! And that dress has such a pretty fabric and cut- especially the detail to the shoulder. Lovely. xx Shauna

  8. Sooooo awesome! That shirt is epic, and I'm so glad you put up with all those hooks and eyes to wear it :) You look fantastic in blue :)

  9. Gorgeous dress & love the shoes, some of my dresses are so tricky to get on & off! One thing I dread about trying vintage on is getting stuck in it! Love vv xxx