Friday, June 14, 2013

Painted Bird

Hello darlings, time for a good old fashioned outfit post.

This one is basically an ode to this dress. So smitten. Obvious statement of the century: we all know how much I love rayon jersey, and what a sucker I am for a good novelty print. Regardless of how much I love ridiculous hats, decadent old furs, and cocktail dresses.... All I really need is a comfy novelty print day dress and a pile o' bakelite, and I'm the happiest girl in the world. So if I could just wear this dress everyday for the rest of my life, and no one noticed, I really would.

Birds, swirling clouds, palm tree plumage, and little huts!

I love the cut of the skirt - sweeping layers across the tummy & hip, plus layers of loopy swag business at one hip. To top it off, the loops are covered in swirls of brown sequins.

Ahh, love it so much. Wish I were wearing it again right now as I write this.
What are your vintage wardrobe weaknesses? I don't mean basics, rather indulgences that you wish you could wear every day ever, and never tire of. Curious!


1940s dress & 1940s cobra heels: Red Light
1930s - 40s bakelite & celluloid necklace: antique store (screaming deal!)
Bakelite earrings: thrifted... $.99... f yeah
Bakelite bangles: here, there & everywhere


  1. oh boy I hear you, great cut, great print and great fabric. easy peasy!

  2. What a great dress! You look fabulous:) Novelty prints are getting harder and harder to find. I also just love rayon but it isn't the easiest thing to clean:) I love novelty prints. I see a lot of prints by this company that made rayon "Erika". My dream is to find a dress with matching umbrella!

  3. Oh my, I believe I'd wear this dress everyday too! You look amazing...and .99 bakelite earrings, WHAT?! Auh-mazin'.

  4. Seriously! Shut up!? How many amazing novelty prints do you have girl!!?


  5. aaaaahhhhhh, you look adorable! the dress is so beautiful and so is your hair do.
    on our short trip to seattle- the bf was working for a friend - i spent a shoooort hour at red light and i could bight my ass i didn't bought a nice 50s dress ... (sadly we life almost 90 minutes from actuall seattle away) ... but we will be back next week. hopefully we will be able to come to your work place.

  6. What lovely autumnal hues on this dress! When it comes to vintage weaknesses - I'm a sucker for the 50s silhouettes - nipped waists and full skirts!

  7. Smitten in unison right along with you! Goodness gracious, is it a gem of a 40s frock - and one that looks so, so stellar with your hair colour to boot.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Of the items already in my wardrobe, it's just all I can do not to wear either one of my two favourite 1940s tilt hats (one's black, the other's dusty rose) each and every day.

  8. What a beautiful dress on you! Gorgeous. Who doesn't love a novelty print?

    P x

  9. Any navy blue 1940's dress in my size comes home with me immediately!

  10. I'm sure not too many people would object if you did wear this dress every day, it's a really great dress after all!

  11. Lovely, and you wear it so well :)

  12. I love every single detail of this outfit - you look fabulous!

  13. such great details. your vintage collection is off the charts awesome.