Monday, July 1, 2013

Oh L'amour

This isn't an outfit post. It's a hat post. 
Who cares about the outfit when this 40s hat EXISTS?
I bought this hat over the phone, sight unseen, other than an iPhone photo.... because WHAT? HOW?

It's by Madame Pauline, out of New York. I tried to find out more information about her, and ended up finding out most of what I know from the Met's Costume Institute, who has a small collection of her work. (Check them out here, the '42 gold lame turban is painful.)

Seattle's Pride week just ended, and it was the *perfect opportunity* to bring this hat out on the town. For once when I left my apartment, no one asked "where I was going", or "why I was dressed up", blah blah. I wish it was Pride week all the time! (Buuut my liver doesn't.)

Check out those studs! And beads! And sequins! (Someone pass the defibrillator..)

The biggest thank you to the beautiful Cass at Urban Eccentric, this baby couldn't have gone to a happier home.



  1. Seriously, I'm not sure I'll ever get over that hat.

    And that purse looks darling too!!


  2. You are totally right...that hat deserves a post all it's own. I can't get over the fact that that hat looks like it was made personally for you. I love how the netting blends with your hair color. Oh my, such a memorable hat. Those fabulous colors! Yes, I give you permission to blog about this hat every day this week and next:)

  3. Wowzers - what an amazing hat! Looks fab, it was obviously waiting for the right owner to come along :)

  4. Wow! Amazing! That hat is perfect!

  5. If some one described that hat to me without me having seen it..I don't know what I would imagine!! But my God it looks great! What a treasure!

  6. Sélectionnée pour les Liebster award. Plus d'info sur mon blog.

  7. Such a cool outfit, even shoelaces and hat match :-)

  8. Dear goodness, that is one show-stopping, jaw-dropping, flat out incredible 1940s topper! It suits you to a tee, looks awesome with your red locks, and is worthy of many a blog post unto itself.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. My goodness, that hat is the bomb! I love that the netting kind of matches your hair colour too. Amazingggg!

  10. *striked by amazement, grabs a paper to fan herself*
    AMAZING hat!
    It'll give you much more moments of joy than that (frustrating!) "device" ever could. I hope you'll have many, many reasons and opportunities to wear it!