Thursday, August 15, 2013

Everything's Gone Green

Woohoo, outfit post time! 
This one is a color explosion. I said I would wear less black this year, and it's somehow snowballed into... this happening. Because why not? 
Let's get ridiculous, folks.

This tilt hat is pretty incredible on it's own, but I was feeling extravagant, so I pinned some flowers on there as well. Not sure if you can see the difference, but half the green stem action is felt tassels, half is the silk stems from the bouquet. And the back! (Don't mind me, just playing with the bustle swag on the dress.)

Novelty print close up - little brick country walls, lines of trees, & flowers. 
I want to call it "English countryside." 

1930s set, swoon.

On a related note, who here watches Bomb Girls? A bunch of vintage lovers are reading this, so I'm assuming at least some of you watch it. The plot is overdramatic, the acting can be mediocre, and (other than one) I don't really like any of the characters. But two things win me over: the clothes, and Vera Burr. She is fierce as can be, and she has the best wardrobe. So imagine my glee when I spotted her wearing the sister version of my dress! 

The print & colors are slightly different, but there's no doubt in my mind they are sisters. It's literally the exact cut - swooping peplum band in front, sleeves that travel down past the armholes, the back zipper & swag in back. The print may be slightly different, but it's close enough that you can tell it's the same artist. 

I'm convinced it's the same, what do you think?

If you haven't seen Bomb Girls, and you love 40s fashion, you should give it a whirl. They sourced some incredible vintage - no repros. If you hate it, just watch it on mute & drool. Or better yet, take my friend's advice & turn it into a drinking game - drink every time they say "the boys", any time Betty makes that pouty face, and any time Kate pulls the doe eyes... but be careful. Those three things alone could knock you off your chair in two episodes flat.

Hope ya'll enjoyed, and are doing wonderful, wherever in the world you may be.


1940s dress: Le Frock
1940s hat: Antique Mall of West Seattle
1940s blazer & 1930s jewelry set: Red Light
Platform slingbacks: Marchez Vous - These are *incredible* - beautifully made, insanely comfortable, and very much 40s inspired. Not to mention, the designer & owner of the company is the voice of Lisa Simpson. Geek points. They are a pretty penny though, and I was very luckily given mine. While their price points are beyond what I spend on shoes, I would still whole heartedly recommend them to anyone who is comfortable with the price tag. 


  1. AHHh, this is just the coolest outfit. That hat and that dress = brilliant pairing. I'm obsessed with bringing more colour to my vintage outfits, too, so love seeing such inspiring posts as this! I agree that totally must be the twin of your dress in Bomb Girls (which I have to give kudos to, cuz I'm a Canadian and all)...!!!

  2. Before I knew you really, I died a little when I realized that I'd held that Adrian in my hand before you bought it (but didn't look at the label!!). Now, I'm so glad, because a friend has an Adrian that was a zillion dollars, and it looks smashing on you!

    1. Holy crap I forgot you almost bought it! I rarely wear it... sooo terrified of harming it *facepalm*. The curse of having valuable/special things.

  3. They really are sister frocks if there was! How very, very cool! You look utterly, endlessly gorgeous, dear Sara. Green is incredible on you - rarely have I ever seen it look even a fraction that gorgeous on anyone. Stellar styling!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Wow can't believe the sister version of your dress is in Bomb Girls!! It was shown in the UK and it is enjoyable if only for lusting over their outfits!! It has only happened to me once but I was watching a re-run of Mad Men only to spot one of my dresses on a secretary! It's probably a rare occurrence for us vintage lovers but so good when it does happen!

    Right, back to your ensemble - that green hat is totally awesome and goes so well with your dress! Love it!

  5. I watched Bomb Girls when it was on over here - how exciting to see your dress on the show! I wonder if it came in any other similar prints as well as these two.

  6. This outfit is freaking AMAZING! It makes me smile just to look at it so I imagine wearing it would be ridiculously enjoyable. I haven't caught Bomb Girls yet, but you may have sold me on the drinking game idea. (I wonder what I will be doing this weekend?)

  7. Oh that is so fun that you saw such a similar dress in that TV show! It's such a pretty dress too - I really love the colour scheme and the cut is just fabulous on you!!!

  8. fab outfit. I am such a period drama freak I watch everything, obsessed for the past 20 years pretty much....but I have to admit Bomb Girls I can't do....think I'll try again winter but it is was so disappointing, mind you I watched it straight after season 3 of Downton so maybe it was just too tough a call! go the flowers on the hat they really make it extra wonderful!

  9. L - to the - O - to the - V - to the - Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Deffo a sister dress :)

  10. Aww, love your dress, and it's so cool that Vera wore it's sister!
    I recently watched Bomb Girls with my friend, who's also into the 1940s, and we spent most of the time cringing and pulling faces at the plot line and some of the acting :') A very aesthetically pleasing show though.

  11. FAB! That dress is amazing and that pretty.

  12. Gorgeous print and I love that 1930s matching set!

  13. Such a beautiful print, awesome colors and I love how you pinned those flowers to your hat. That is definitely the almost the same dress on that TV show! So funny that you saw that. Must've been a real surprise.

  14. I've seen the first season of Bomb Girls. I need to catch up on the second. Isn't it just the coolest when you see something you own that is vintage on tv? So great! I also can't believe how matched your hat is to your dress. Love it!!!! Fabulous print!!!

  15. omg, the first thing i thought about this dress, when i saw your post was: it's vera's dress.
    vera was my fav at bomb girls, too. actually i loved the show - but also mostly for the fashion.
    your colourful outfit is so gorgeous. green, pink, yellow, blue ... wow! beautiful!
    oh, the hubby says hello ... :)