Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shall We Dance?

Oh good god. I've been working too much, and my brain is broken today. I just stared at the blinking cursor for at least 15 minutes (ok, so way longer, then I went on a coffee run). So instead of my usual eloquence (ba-dum-cha!), I'll keep this brief. Last week turned into some sort of magical novelty print explosion, so I have some quirky fun fabrics to share over the next few weeks. Thank youuu, vintage gods. 

I'm a bit iffy on what this print is, let's take a vote. At first I was convinced they are ballerinas, but then it was suggested to me they might be hula dancers - it's the leafy crowns. Also, the rayon is of the silky variety 40s-50s Hawaiian stuff is typically made of. So I'm torn. Your thoughts?

Three photos were necessary for this cuff bracelet, for it's simply incredible from every angle. My great uncle Marvin (my grandma's brother) was stationed in Morocco during the war, and he sent her this in 1942. There's a matching brooch as well, which my aunt wears. I wish I knew more about it, but I don't exactly know where to start my research. What do those marks on the other side mean? What is it made of? It's too big to be sterling, right? In the long run, it doesn't matter persay, for my family would never sell such a treasure, but it's always nice to know more!

I'm super duper looking forward to this weekend. I took a day off, which is so unusual for me I almost feel naughty. The man & I are going down to Portland on Sunday to see Erasure (and Men Without Hats, and Howard Jones!) Epic 80s geek out, can't wait.

And on that note, I'll leave you with this.


Late 1940s dress: Red Light
1950s belt: antique store
Suede slingbacks: Marchez Vous
Moroccan 1940s cuff: grandma <3

Photos: Jaynie Healy


  1. I do love a good novelty print; this one is so pretty. I thought the dancers were leaves to begin with! They remind me of something from Disney's Fantasia. As far as whether they are ballet dancers or hula girls, the way their bodies (and especially feet) are positioned makes me think ballet dancers but I take the point about the flower crowns. I'd probably be tempted just to call them dancers!

  2. Lovely print - I think they look like hula dancers too :)

    And it is great when you get jewellery given to you that has been passed down through your family. It is always nice to wear something when you know the story behind it.

    Oh and have an awesome time at the Erasure gig!!

  3. J'adore....Toute simple, c'est très joli.

  4. Seriously stunning! I love the bevy of vintage colours (and to-die-for prints) you've been be modelling so gorgeously for us this summer, honey. You have the most incredible luck when it comes to finding amazing dresses (and jewelry...and hats...and everything vintage!). I hope dearly that we can take a road trip (yes, I'm already thinking ahead to the next one! :D) one day down to your neck of the woods and that your amazing luck will rub off on me, too! :)

    Tons of hugs & joyful Friday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Gosh, you look spectacular! This dress compliments your hair and skin tone so well :) That bracelet is also to die for. I hope you enjoy your weekend with the mister!

  6. Tropical ballerinas! Everything is amazingness. You consistently kill me.

  7. I love this outfit. So fun! You also get to go see Erasure! I had no idea they were even still a band. My favorite song was Oh L'Amour....I should start dancing now.

  8. oh, you look fantastic!!!! your hair looks amazing and the dress does so aswell. pink likes you! ... the little dancers aren't hawaiin dancers, they are ballet girls for sure.
    have fun in portland!

  9. Aaah you are too adorable, I love the dress, and that bracelet is just so beautiful I love jewellery which has a past xxx