Thursday, August 29, 2013


Sigh. My favorite gothy club closes this week (I call it "gothy" bc some nights are goth, and yet I never go on a Saturday. Because bros.) I'm totally moping about it, so here's some pictures of me & my friends <3 Almost all these were taken by my lovely friend Geno, who somehow always makes us all look magic... Even at 3am.

A few years ago, I moved back to Seattle from San Francisco. My mom was battling breast cancer at the time (which thankfully has passed). I really didn't want to move back here. But you know, priorities. I had left Seattle for many reasons, but mainly - I was just over it. I was bored & unhappy - with everyone I knew, everything I was doing, everything about this place. How do you completely start over? You move away! ... And all of a sudden, I had to come back. The first year back here was basically: witnessing chemo, having almost no friends, and eventually going through a wretched & drawn out break up. Brutal.

How do you make new friends as an adult? I've realized that as I've gotten older, it's much more difficult. I don't know if this is true for everyone, maybe I'm just getting more cynical with age. I get along with almost anyone, that's stupid easy, but when it comes to real friendship... well. That's different. People my age, ugh.

There were two establishments here that really turned things around for me. One a bar (Bus Stop), one a club (Noc Noc) - both of which I loved for different, but overlapping reasons. The overlap is this: I met a bunch of genuinely interesting, honest, supportive, and passionate people. I danced, I laughed, I cried a time or two, I got a bit too rowdy, I had heart to hearts, I learned about new music, films, art, and other peoples lives. I became close with some incredible people. Hell - that's even how I met my boyfriend.

In the last 2 years, I came to see this city in a way I never had before. I now love it here. I see myself & others in a new way too... and you know what? I'm unstoppable - and I would not have said that before. I am so insanely grateful to know you all. The haunts may change, but the people won't. Seriously, love you guys.



  1. I'm so sorry to hear that two of your favorite spots are closing, but its so greatyou were able to find some wonderful friends through them. I completely relate to having a hard time making friends as an adult. Tyler and I moved to Nashville never having lived here before and kinda just trying to find a place where we fit in. We are much more a part of the city now, but I still feel like I'm still digging in and trying to find more friends. To really feel like I'm apart. Any who, you look gorgeous in all the photos!


  2. What a sweet post! I'm sorry to hear of the club closing, but it sounds like you really got so much out of it. It is so hard to meet true friends. Maybe I need to hit up some bars/clubs!

    1. Well I don't know about the last part. I'd usually say bars aren't good places to meet real friends, more like "night time friends". I think these were exceptions bc it was mainly regulars. Since when did making friends become so hard? Sometimes I feel like I'm hitting on people for friendship, if that is a thing. Not gonna lie. That statement reminded me of the bar scene in your "Wing Woman" episode. Hahaha.


  3. Such a lovely, heartfelt post! I know what you mean about making 'true' friends when you're older - I think it's much harder too.

    Shame about the club closing down but at least you made some great friends there and have wonderful memories (and photos!) to look back on.

  4. good to hear that you got settled back to seattle that great after a while. sorry to hear about your fav club closing down ...

    when i left my home town four years ago for a new job, i moved to a city i never wanted to live in. there i was... a broken heart, no friends, no family around - just work. in the end i never made much friends there, maybe two or three. but i found one of my best friends at work - - - because of one of these new friends i met my man ...
    when the man lost his job in the city we were living in, we knew right away we would go somewhere else. where - but where? my beloved little hometown had changed, people had changed, other people had moved somewhere else. my fav club had changed and had almost closed down(i worked there for about 6 years. back then it was my living room - i had all my friends there). so, there was no reason to go back 'home'.
    now we're here in berlin and i have to start all over again. luckily the man has some nice friends in town but it's hard to make your own friends when your getting old.
    hahaha... i already found my fav club and event. it's a burlesque night happening once a month. these burlesque and rockabilly girls are so 'miooooooow', if you're new. if looks could kill! as always you find some nice people between all the wild and squinting cats. true friends, night time friends ... you never know.

  5. Oh no! So sorry to hear your favourite club is closing! There have been a couple of clubs that I have loved and lost over the years, and it seems silly, but it leaves a big gap! Hopefully you will find another social night that is equally as fun.

    I visited Seattle for the first time last year, for my sister-in-law's wedding, and I really enjoyed my time there, but desperately want to visit again so that I can explore more (read: shop for vintage) and really get more of a feel for the city.

  6. What a truly heartfelt, raw, wonderful post, sweet Sara. It is hard...really, really, really stupidly hard to make close friends in person as an adult. I'm crazy shy, extremely introverted, and usually not well enough to leave the house most days because of my health, and none of these points do me any favours in the friends making department. I always had at least two (but usually more like four or five) good friends throughout school, but once those days of youth wrapped up and we went our separate ways, I've struggled to find and maintain friendships, by and large, as an adult as well. This is all the more reason I'm exceedingly grateful for the many incredible, inspiring, uplifting (usually vintage loving) friends I've made online over the years.

    One can sense the discovered and renewed happiness that has come into your life through your words here, honey, and I hope with all my heart that things just continue to get better and even more joyful for you in Seattle as time goes on.

    Your fellow west coast friend always,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Holy cow the Noc Noc closed!??! I used to adore that bar. Haven't been there in ages, but back in my booze hound days (cough, heavier booze hound days) it sure was my go to dive. Sad to hear it's gone. :(
    You look rad in all those pics though!