Friday, September 20, 2013

Feeling Pantsy

Lovely grey skies, I've missed them dearly.
Summer is refusing to die around these parts, but my gloomy friends are finally peeking out here & then. 
Bring it on.

A few weeks ago, Jaynie and I took a little trip down to Georgetown for the afternoon.
Such an ideal weekend adventure, involving trailer park vintage markets, deco diners, crumbling beer factories, an antique mall, an outdoor design market, and some 40s jewelry scores.

Also, we ran into a food cart selling bowls of curry chocolate donuts. Um, NOM.

Sometimes wearing old things comes with unforeseen quirks.
Scored this burgundy suede 40s clutch a month or so ago for $5, and finally took it out for a spin....
it bleeds pink dye onto everything it encounters. I caught it red handed, if you will.
Anyone have ideas for making the color stay? Perhaps waterproof leather spray for shoes?
It's grounded until the issue is resolved.

Pants and I aren't really friends yet. I'm determined to make this relationship work, despite the fact that I feel a bit self conscious whenever I put them on. I can wear a ludicrous feathersveilsequins explosion of a hat and not bat an eye, but I put on pants and suddenly get all weird. wtf?
(Thus, the title of this post.)


40s scarf, 40s blouse, 40s wedges, bakelite heart: Lucky Dry Goods
50s mens pants: Red Light
40s-50s blazer: Le Frock
40s clutch: antique store


  1. Fantastic! Now that's a gal after my own heart. Try a waterproofing sealant of the variety you'd use on suede boots to protect them. I had a green handbag that rubbed off on a pink gab skirt, once. Somehow, the dye would come readily out of the handbag, but never came out of the skirt. I treated the handbag thusly, but I've never paired with anything light colored again!

    1. this makes my heart hurt.. for it also encountered a 40s novelty rayon.... at least it was a $10 dress.... not that that really helps the terror. cough.

  2. I've really gotten into pants over the last year or so. They can be a lot of fun, especially if you Katherine Hepburn them up, like you've done! It's fun! I am also a huge fan of vintage causal wear, like clam diggers and such. So anyhow, the point is, I LOVE this look!


    1. I've been trying to get more into casual wear, and you've def been one of my inspirations, for the record <3 <3

  3. Aw you look great in these trousers! I know how you feel about them - I like the idea of trousers and they look good on others but I haven't been able to convince myself that I want to wear them, as I feel more comfortable in dresses!

    Shame about the bag, best be careful not to use it with any light coloured outfits!

  4. Aw, you look stellar. I've never been able to be quite happy with how I look in pants, although I do try from time to time. Those OTHER people in photographs always look so effortlessly together, but on me it feels like frump!

  5. Interesting seeing you in trousers, you look really different! It makes a really nice casual outfit for dull days.

  6. You look so cute! I'm loving the pants on you! And that blouse... the collar... it's amazing. So weird about the purse color rubbing off on you.

  7. Lovely as always. I wish this fake bang hairdo wouldn't look so ridiculous on me, hihi.
    And I love your Marlene pants. This is really the only pants-shape I can endorse :)

    xoxo, Saperlotte

  8. Sara is the girl who had her high school senior picture taken in jeans and a classy silk argyle vest. Skirts had not yet become the wardrobe staple. You always have had a great sense of style and of who you are. The pants look great! <3 mom

  9. O...M...G...!!!! LOVE that outfit...and the hair...and the purse!!! EVERYTHING!!!!!

  10. eeeeek, this look is so fantastic. you look stunning in pants! i love every single piece of this look. the blouse is so gorgeous ... looks like silk ... and the blazer - i would wear it right away. and the man's pants: AWESOME.

  11. Very cute Ms. Sara! I love your whole look and the jacket is divine:) Please let us know if you were able to solve your purse issue. I haven't had this happen yet but I'm sure it will.