Thursday, October 31, 2013

Danse Macabre

I couldn't resist doing another Halloween post.
Didn't have time to prepare for this one, but felt inspired to share the bit I have regardless. 
So here we go: costume photos from my family collection, from oldest to newest.

My great grandmother, on the left.

HOW adorable is my grandfather?!

Even when being mauled by her goofball husband, Great Aunt Barbie is still the cutest.

This last one is my favorite (the colors!), which is yours?

On a completely unrelated note:

It's amusing being such a 40s girl, people assume all kinds of humorously skewed things - when really I'm a foul mouthed, snarky, rather morbid, secret goth girl. So while I know you are here for vintage, I'm coming to realize more and more that I don't necessarily have to edit out everything else that I'm into. I'm not the only one who nerds out on Adrian as well as Siouxsie. So let's watch some dark music videos! I was going for "Halloween" themes, but ended up throwing a few extras in there as well. While these aren't necessarily my "favorite" music videos (um, hello Anton Corbin), they are perfect examples of internet magic: when music I love is paired with old film. It's a match made in vintage goth heaven.

Bauhaus - The Man With The X-Ray Eyes // The Skeleton Dance
Fun fact. Lilies & Remains = a Bauhaus reference. (Except spelled right.) 
It perfectly encompasses what I love about vintage, the beauty of course, but also the undeniable fact that it is the remains of past people's lives. Sometimes it's the only evidence they were ever here in the first place. When I think something is spectacular, I'm also respecting the person who picked it out in the first place. It's a connection to someone I can never know, but can honor their life by loving it like they did. Everyday dress is a memento mori, and there is something absolutely magical about that. 

Trisomie 21 - The Last Song
This is my favorite vintage/music video on youtube. Once it gets to Grant & Hepburn in The Holiday (ca. 3:55), I die a thousand deaths.

Sisters of Mercy - Body Electric // Metropolis

Suicide - Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne // Adrian, The Women
The Women (favorite movie) + Adrian (favorite designer) + Suicide
= fklgajnbegrh

Clan of Xymox - Louise // Louise Brooks Tribute

I'm curious to see who actually watches these;)

Happy Halloween, dark darlings.



  1. This Corrosion was my favorite Sisters of Mercy song. I was a total alternative junkie back in the 80s and 90s and it's funny how it always stays with you. I was considered a bit on the odd side because I also was studying accounting at school. I think black was my only color I wore for years haha (besides the pizza uniform I had to wear for my job:) I used to love to those dark clubs and just dance to all this fabulous music. The The and Stone Roses were two of my favorite bands. Gosh all those cassettes I blasted in my beater car. Thanks for bringing these memories:)

  2. Seriously, I don't even know how you find some of these things!

  3. It's too cool that you have not one, but multiple vintage family photos from Halloweens past. I've long wondered what my relatives, if they dressed up, wore back in the day for All Hallows Eve, but haven't a single photo of such, so anyone's guess is as good as mine. Thank you for sharing these gems with us - I especially loved the one of your grandpa as a cute little cowboy.

    Joyful start of November wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. I'm so glad you did this post. SO SO glad.

    "It's a connection to someone I can never know, but can honor their life by loving it like they did. Everyday dress is a memento mori, and there is something absolutely magical about that."

    That right there. That's something I feel, too, pretty deeply. Those beautifully tragic, dark aspects of the past that we are so attracted to (as admirers of all things a little spooky) seem to align so seamlessly with the dark romance of what was happening with late 70s/1980s Darkwave - and these mashup videos certainly help prove that point, if anyone ever doubted it! Loving vintage (in any and all forms) is, as you say, a love of something we "can never know" - we can never meet the people whose garments we wear, we can never get to experience a day in 1945 - it's something that, by its very definition, is totally unreachable: we really can never fully KNOW it. And that's sort of like death itself, isn't it? As the title says, it's the danse macabre... This is starting to sound too much like the "about me" section of, hah haa

    I'm just beyond happy to have someone to have this conversation with, so continue on as you have been, for god's sake! I'm working on a post about 19th Century memento mori photography - so fitting that you should bring that term up. Here's to a life-long love-affair with darkness!

    and my god, whoever thought to put Sisters of Mercy with Metropolis is a genius... actually, all of these mashups are so smart & PERFECT. Old film & music one loves IS a match made in vintage goth heaven.

    1. How in gods name did I not read your "about"?! I knew we were very similar people in terms of how we feel about nostalgia/how light can exist without darkness... but geez. We are crazy similar in the way we think about things. Hey on a completely related, yet a bit tangent note - have you ever read any W. G. Sebald? That man. I've been rereading lately. If you haven't read any of his work already... you really should.

  5. Today I am planning on running right over to the local bookstore & finding W. G. Sebald IMMEDIATELY - everything you've said about his work has sold me. Will report back ASAP.