Thursday, October 3, 2013


Fall is amazing. Cold weather wardrobe reemerges, the clouds roll back in, birthday, Halloween, etc.... but know what else I really really love? The return of television. It's a big deal. (Ok so maybe I watch a lot of tv, errr.) But guys! New Boardwalk Empire & new Downton Abbey. That's all I need to say.

In that vein, I was feeling 20s inspired, and jumped back in time further than usual. 
A bit of a rumpled mess in these - the blustery wet day left me a bit well, wrinkly. Ah well.

I'm infatuated with this 20s coat. Granted, it's seen much, much better days. The lining is in tatters, and it has a sad hole on the front.... but I couldn't care less. It was $7, and it can be pried from my cold dead hands. Look at the lines on those raccoon cuffs!

I quickly braved the chill to reveal this '30s treasure. Mid 30s Fashion Originators Guild label, some very odd zippers, pretty textured rayon.... and freaking bejeweled tassels.

Are you watching anything inspiring this fall?
I'd love to hear any recommendations!


1930s fedora (worn as cloche), dress, and belt: Lucky Vintage
1930s shoes: Red Light
1920s coat: long story, total score.

All photos courtesy of Jaynie Healy <3


  1. Lovely outfit as always Sara:) You have such an inspiring look. Your hair turned out wonderful and it is so nice that your coat is able to keep on going...oh to just imagine all the fun times your coat has been through:)

  2. I, too, remain faithfully enamored with the Fall season - the return of cold weather, rainclouds and all things a little dreary sends me quite the same way it does you - and this outfit perfectly reflects that spirit. Tattered or no, that coat is swoon-worthy. This 1920s/30s ensemble is working so well because it's so noir. And, well, YOU do noir so well.

  3. You always find the most amazing vintage bargains!! Really love the belt too - did that come with the dress?

    I'm a big TV fan too and am going to be a bit overwhelmed this month with the return of all my favourite shows (only found out yesterday that Bomb Girls returns to UK screens on Saturday!)

  4. Just $7 for that gorgeous coat? Bargain! Looking very lovely - great outfit, and I can't wait for more Downton action either!

  5. You look super cute, and that coat is a real beauty! The shape of the cuffs is amazing - and I think that the hole on the front could probably be patched and wouldn't detract from luxuriousness of it.

  6. $7!!!!!! That´s what I call an incredible bargain!!! I already bought some new deco stuff for Halloween, it´s not that big in Germany, but I don´t care, my home will look quite orange :-)

  7. who cares about the wear and tear that coat RULES. you are also making me regret leaving behind a very similar dress recently....oh the vintage regret....;)

  8. Wowzer girl, the temps may be plummeting faster than you can say "pumpkin spice everything", but you're looking as hot as they come in this whole magnificent cold weather ensemble. That rich shade of emerald green is simply sublime with your red locks!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. For $7 you look like a million bucks! Hole or not, it is absolutely adorable! Also, *multi-coloured* bejewelled tassels - just amazing.

  10. You look so happy! There's a new 60s drama on ITV called Breathless on October 10th, I can't wait. Are you going to watch it? xo

  11. lovely look! the colour of the coat is fantastic! i still wonder what you could do with the hole in the coat - but i have no clue! ... the tassels on the dress are so fun. i really love them!

  12. Oooooh.... I want 20s and 30s clothes too... Especially a coat. Meeh.... Envyyy..... Whenever I find a nice vintage coat, it just doesn't fit because I somehow don't have shoulders. :|
    You look fabulous as always; especially the water wave hairdo - very professional :-) Aww. And the hat. Reminding me of wearing hats more often. *takes done note*

    Viele fabelhafte Grüße!

  13. Hello from a new reader! I looooove that coat, and maybe you could patch it if there's a little extra fabric in one of the inside seams? Some dry cleaners (in the UK) also do a repairs service and it's normally pretty cheap, there's probably a US equivalent. I have a 40s dress that had the exact same issue, and I swear you cannot even see the patches...

  14. Wow, your style really shows what this article says: "7 Ways Your Grandmother Dressed Better Than You" (not that you are a grandmother, though) ;-)
    The Huffington Post article, in short, here:

    j e f