Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Everyday Is Halloween

I planned on doing an actual costume post for Halloween, but haven't even used my costume yet. Then it occurred to me, I treat every day like it's Halloween. Regardless of the occasional obnoxious offhand comments (are you in a play? what are you so dressed up for? are you going to a party?) - I'm going to wear whatever I want. And if that means I look like I'm in a costume, then the hell with it.

Life is too short to not wear what makes you happy, or care what other people think.
Plus, wearing dead peoples clothes everyday is pretty freaking macabre, hello.

So here's my (everyday is) Halloween post.

Since I'm obviously referencing Ministry, I'll end with this video up on youtube right now, using early Disney shorts. Bravo to whoever made this!

Happy Halloween one and all! Have fun and be safe!


1940s lily pad novelty dress: gift from a lovely friend
1940s platforms & late 30s - early 40s hat: Lucky Vintage / Lucky Dry Goods
1940s beaded purse: Red Light

All photos courtesy of Jaynie Healy


  1. I love it all but especially how the netting drapes on that hat!

  2. I love EVERYTHING about this! Especially the hat!!

    And I hear ya on those questions! And totally agree - dress for happiness! Seriously.


  3. You absolute babe, love everything you are wearing and that you are saying, life is too short to give a toss what people think! Happy halloween xxx

  4. haha I love that comment about wearing dead peoples clothes! I use it so often and people just look at me as if I was the one that killed them hehe....

  5. I was asked by the owner of a local vintage shop whether I was going out somewhere nice when I popped in with a couple of friends last week; I didn't think we were that dressed up! Anyway, I'll echo everyone else and say what a great hat that is and I love the bow on your dress as well.

  6. You look grand! And that hat is just darling!!

    -Emily's Vintage Visions

  7. Love this outfit - the beaded box purse is so adorable!

    It's great that you can disregard the negative comments that some people might say and go forth and wear whatever the hell you like!! It's good for us readers too because it means we can all revel in your lovely vintage purchases :)

  8. An amazing outfit as always! I'd love a sneak peak in your closet! You have some wonderful print dresses and love the shoes!

  9. You took the words right out of my mouth on this subject, honey. I couldn't agree more - one should always, as best as circumstances will permit - wear whatever their heart desires. Every day is a celebration, a gift, a joy, a reason to be creative, and filled with the promise of fun and adventure. Why not be ready for all of that goodness is an ensemble that makes your heart gleeful?

    You're a vision of endlessly stylish 1940s beauty in this midnight black filled ensemble. That purse...oh, tres belle!!!

    Have a stupendously awesome Halloween!
    ♥ Jessica

  10. ... aaaaand this is precisely why I just adore you - Ministry & 1940s noir perfection. Who else can I go to for such a blissfully dark combination? NO ONE, that's right. Keep up the good work, my dear.

    1. Hope you know, you completely inspired to write the Danse Macabre post. Thank you solo much for the support xox

  11. Beautiful dress, love how you have accessorised it.

  12. amazing outfit, my dear! the early 40s hat is perfection!!!! the dress is to die for ... (good to have lovely friends).

    the quote 'everyday is halloween' reminded me more on a line of the song 'black no 1' from type o negative ... i was never into ministry but i loved type o as a teen.