Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hot For Teacher

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to a new love in my life: 
the "hot for teacher" dress.

Purchased from the oh-so-wonderful Amy at Wildfell Hall, I couldn't be more happy to have such a beaut! I'm not a huge online shopper. I'm constantly trolling etsy and ebay, but I really rarely buy anything. Usually, online prices are simply way higher than I can find locally. But - if there's two things I'm a giant sucker for, it's peplums & novelty print. Add books & pencils themed print? I'm in.

It was suggested to me the print also looks a lot like vampire stakes & giant cleavers. Perhaps it doesn't, and someone just knows me that well. Regardless, it made me smile.

There's a vicious cancer spreading in Seattle right now. It's condos, and they are eating away at everything historical, beautifully old, or culturally significant. I can't even begin to get into it, it's horrifying to see the soul of your city rot away. In any case, Jaynie and I shot these photos a few days before a landmark coffeeshop closed its doors. Seemed like a very appropriate location for the print's theme...

Do you guys shop online? Is it more expensive than your local haunts, or more cost effective? Curious, for I'm sure it has to do with geography!


All photos courtesy of Jaynie Healy


  1. Um...I no words. No words at all. KDJfksdjflksdjflksdjflskjf WHY ARE YOU SO AMAZING!? WITH THE MOST AMAZING STUFF!??!


  2. thank YOU for posting such great pics of the dress, you really really make that dress sing! popping the link up on my FB

  3. YOU bought that dress!!! I had it in my favourites and was mooning over it when it sold! It looks fantastic on you; I have one of a similar cut in a floral pattern, so I guess I can't win them all. Love your blog!

  4. what a great dress! i live in birmingham, al. there's a cool consignment shop that sells vintage but the pieces are never the quality you can find in curated etsy shops. i think location def matters.

  5. Marvelous print! I can see why you bought this gem. The 40's had some great novelty prints. I also try to see if I can find rayon novelty fabric itself from the 40's. This is a needle in a haystack. There is just something about the drape and feel of 40's dress fabric! This dress was meant for you:) Most of my shopping is on the internet as I don't have a lot of choice close by. Seattle looks like such an awesome place to be. It is such a shame to hear that some of your landmarks are closing down:(

  6. Fantastically cool novelty print dress! This appeals to the vintage lover, writer, and bookworm in me alike. If there was more (aka, any) mid-century vintage shops here, I'd happily take your lead and shop mostly in person, but as there aren't any, it's the web or nothing (save, of course, for wonderful gifts and the very, very odd trip somewhere with vintage stores). The prices on etsy and eBay just keep shooting through the roof though a lot of the time, so I could see myself taking more of the approach that I did for Calgary and saving up for a while then spending in person on a trip. That actually appeals to me a lot, and all the more so now that I've done it once.

    Your really look spectacular, honey - and so happy. Love these bright, gorgeous, cheerful photos!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. The print kind of does look like stakes and cleavers now that you've pointed that out! I shop online quite a bit as vintage where I live is expensive to buy either way and usually there is little difference in price between online and physical shops.

  8. What a lovely set of photos! The print on that dress is fabulous! I'd love to expand my collection of 40s dresses, but soooo many of them have those side zips (which don't go all the way up to open the sleeve, if that makes sense?!) which I don't do very well with - I find myself getting into a panic whenever I try to get in or out of those dresses haha!

  9. Amy is wonderful, I've bought a couple pieces from both her Etsy shops. I saved a couple images of this dress when it was first listed. I love everything about this dress, the peplums, the novelty print, you name it. It's awesome to see it "in action." Your colorful hat and shoes really make this dress pop!

    Emily's Vintage Visions

  10. I think I've already expressed my admiration for that hat, but the dress. Oh man. It's amazing, the print is amazing, and you look wonderful in it.

  11. As always you look amazing! That hat is my all time favorite color and it looks so good on you!

  12. You look stunning! The dress, that hat, the hair! I'm like you, I usually shop around locally...but when something this fantastic happens to pop up you just have to buy it. Lovely blog you have here, it's my first time here but definitely won't be the last!

  13. Love, love, LOVE that dress!