Friday, October 18, 2013

Peek, 1942

Anyone who likes vintage has seen their fair share of pinups. I mean, hello. But at this point, it's usually the same old, same old. Pretty girl, in a cheesecake pose, in different states of undress, perhaps with a theme. Today, I'm sharing a few articles from a Peek Quarterly, summer 1942. While a lot of the same applies, there's something a bit different about these. The "themes" are quirkier, and instead of just a photo, you get the added bonus of the hilarious(ly misogynistic*) commentary - what else would you expect? It's terrible and funny, at the same time. (... My favorite.)

*You should pay special attention to the "Blackout" story, and how it ends on a "is it justified to smack your wife?" query. *headdesk*

And we're off!

What did you guys think? Are these just the same ol same ol? Which is your favorite? Dead Eyed Judy Jons is certainly my favorite (uhh... the last photo? Ha!) The hiccups are a close second - obviously because I want to steal their clothes & shoes for myself. *shrug*



  1. Oh this is so hilarious, awkward, and creepy. Love it. God, also that last dame... seriously my dream body. Her stomach is flat but looks so soft. -sniff- Thanks for sharing! I always appreciate your magazine scans!

  2. Hahaha! Love that editorial on how to cure hiccups and what gorgeous dogs... and yes Vivi Brown's body is to die for!

  3. the gun poses!!! oh my god so hysterical!

  4. These veer a good ways away from the same old, same old to me. It's not every day you see a pinup gal trying to rid one of her chums of the hiccups! Super yikes though about suggesting that spousal abuse would ever be justified. There are some things, no matter how much I love history, that should remain in the past forever and the idea that even insinuating that such would be okay is definitely one of them.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. gaaaaaah! dead-eye judy's gun poses are just .... gaaaahhhh! 'terrible and hilarious at the same time' hits totally the nail.
    some months ago i got my hands on some gondel magazines. this german pinup/gentleman/life style magazine started in the mid 40s ... actually i thought they are 'terrible but hilarious' but peek is makes me much more 'gaaaaaaahhhhh!'
    but, i'm totally crazy for magazines like that. i really try to get some more so called pin up mags. sadly in germany it's really hard to find them.