Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eye Catchers, 1942

Hello my dears! I accidentally disappeared. It's been getting dark around 4:30-5 pm, so outfit posts have been a challenge lately. But in the mean time, here's some preposterously awesome hats!

Eye-Catcher Hats
Life, October 5, 1942

Men have been blamed for a lot of things women do and now milliner Lilly Dache accuses them of driving women into eye-jeopardizing hats. These are high-rumpety bits of nonsense with feathers, veils, or brims reaching down over the right eye. Wihout so much as batting one of her own excitable Gallic eyes Madame Dache says, “Men in uniform, they like their women helpless. So we knock out one eye on the lady and catch all the men’s eyes.” Hats on these pages and one on cover are interesting examples. Hats are one of the few items of women’s wearing apparel unrestricted by government regulations. Milliners are using enough materials so that a hat looks like a hat and not a piece of string and the industry is at last determined to make them flattering.

A felt hat slanted over one eye has long been a Joan Crawford pet. This is a new Dache version.

Eye shield of lacquered lace is pretty camouflage for a lady with a wink of a black eye. This was Cherry Hannan’s first modeling job. No wonder she looked startled.

“Flirtation hat” is John Frederic’s name for this stovepipe hat. Black Chantilly lace nose veil covers both the eyes but the brim completely knocks out the right one. 

Seeing stars is no trick for the person wearing this hat. Black veiling studded with scintillating stars is draped over the pink felt crown and shoot down over the eyes.

White feather of glycerined ostrich is used in place of a veil to hide one eye and half the face. Ticklish males are likely to find this little bonnet a hazard when dancing.

So here's what I gleaned from this misogynistic gem of a fashion editorial: 
Men get blamed for lady behavior. You guys, life was so hard for dudes back in the day. (lol)
Men like women to be helpless, so we should dress as if we are, so we can entrap them. (muahaha)
If you happen to have a black eye, here is a good hat for you! (I can't even.)

Regardless, I would do terrible things to own that gorgeous 5th hat with the star veil. And that nonsense about one eye being covered making a woman look helpless? Nah. Hats like these may draw attention, but they are also super intimidating, and tend to discourage spineless creepers from even attempting. FTW in my books.

Hope ya'll are doing grand!



  1. Goodness gracious, those really hare show stoppingly sublime! The tasseled one in particular caught my eye and held it there. It's so elegant, yet delightfully quirky at the same time - just like so many of the all-time best hats. Fabulous images, sweet Sara, thank you so much for sharing. I shall henceforth search for a tassel draped topper of my own. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oh, I love hats so much but these one with veil are so hard to find in good condition... price for 40's topper are becoming crazy, and I'm pretty sure than people who are spending $150 for a hat will not wear it, what a pity!!!!
    Same here, it's really dark at 5PM... first snow today!

  3. Absolutely adorable hats.
    I have no idea what reaction would I cause if I've showed up in public today wearing one of those. For that I'd chose the “Flirtation hat” - it even sounds lovely.

    Oh,m yes.. I've given you Liebster award.
    Take a look at it:
    ..and have a lovely weekend!