Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cold Spell

On the plus side.... coat season!

I'd been ogling this 40s coat on Etsy for a silly amount of time, and finally took the plunge, thanks to some birthday money from my grandmother.

Simple, but with dream tailoring & details. Herringbone woven wool, silk satin lining, swing straps, double flap pockets... And those buttons. The buttons. It's perfect.

This dress was also an online purchase, but from a Facebook group of all things. I never thought I'd buy anything on there. Honestly, I'd quit that specific group already. A lot of the items for sale on there are modern pin up or rockabilly clothes, and the actual vintage tends to be 50s (after all, it's a group for mid-century lovers). Basically, I'm just not their target audience. But when this 40s novelty print came up, my lovely friend Julie made sure to point it out to me. (Thanks, pretty lady!) ....And then I quit the group again. 

I wish you could see it in its full glory, but I'd have frozen.

So that's that.
What do you think? 
How do you all feel about Facebook groups for shopping? 
Are you partial to Etsy, or eBay?
Options, options.


1940s coat: Female Hysteria 
1940s rayon jersey novelty dress: Ooh La La
1940s purse & 1930s lettermens sweater: Lucky Dry Goods
1940s shoes: Le Frock
1940s Elzac squirrel brooch: antique store

All photos courtesy of Jaynie Healy


  1. That coat is too cute!!!!
    Oh La La has some beautiful things pass through, though there is a lot of mid century repro it is usually described as such. I'm still an ebay fan because, for whatever reason, etsy sellers often don't put the size in the title. It gets a little frustrating to find something lovely only to find out it's super tiny! That said I shop (and sell) on both and several facebook groups. You just never know where a treasure will pop up!

  2. Wow the buttons on that coat are truly awesome! You'll have to show us a better photo of the dress when it is warmer! There does seem to be a lot more buying vintage through Facebook which I'm yet to take advantage of... However I am an Etsy addict! I buy most of my vintage from there because I don't have access to many good vintage shops in the UK. I don't really like eBay so much as there is a lot of modern stuff masquerading as vintage and I find that some of the item descriptions are really poor!

  3. You look gorgeous, that coat is a dream, and I adore novelty print xx

  4. Hey it's this coat from the 1946 fall Sears catalog! I recognised it right away since I've been admiring it since the first time I saw it. Such a great find!

    1. oh my god!!! thank you for showing me, completely made my month! the woman who originally owned this one had the matching blazer too - it just had slightly smaller buttons. She must have been so sharp in her day:)

    2. You're welcome! I have this weirdly good but completely useless photographic memory for clothes so I'm glad I could put it to use! The blazer must have been great as well.

  5. That coat! Amazing! So many fabulous details and it suits you perfectly!

  6. Totally fabulous outfit, everything is lovely. Very pretty dress.

  7. Mercy me, that is a fantastic coat. But I'm even more jealous of the dress, especially since it's music-themed! Just perfect with the sweater and shoes, too.

    1. Have you seen this rayon jersey music themed one on etsy? It's killingggg meeeee. More money than I spend on a dress.... but if I could squeeze the girls in there, I'd splurge. I bet you'd fit it;)

  8. Every last element of this stylish cold weather ensemble is amazing! Love, love, love it all - especially the diamond shaped buttons and furry tailed brooch. Too cute for words, that one is!!! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  9. The dress was an excellent find from a Facebook group! I've never tried shopping on Facebook and honestly I think I'd be a little wary of it, but it just goes to show what you can find.

  10. the coat is such an amazing find. the details are absolutely great. ... and the dress is so fun. it's print is to die for. i love it - even if i just see the collar and the skirt. can't wait to see it's full brightness.

  11. Wow, great find!!! Those buttons are fabulous!