Thursday, January 30, 2014


A few weeks ago, Jaynie & I braved a monstrous storm to go see the Franz von Stuck exhibit at the Frye Art Museum. My hat barely made it... and my wind-crumpled 40s umbrella was abandoned en route (don't worry, I broke off the bakelite handle. Can't leave bakelite behind.)... but it was soooo worth it. Hands down the best nouveau exhibit I've seen outside of Europe. Perhaps I'm off here, but there seems to be a strange misperception that art nouveau is all just pretty absinthe ads & lilies. In reality, much of it is wonderfully, brutally dark. This was a happy reminder.

Photos weren't allowed inside that section of the museum, but I tossed in a few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure <3

Inferno, 1908

Salome, 1906

Tilla Durieux als Circe, 1913

Sensuality, 1898

Judith & Holofernes, 1926

Have you guys seen any good exhibits lately?
If you are in the area, this one is only here for 2 more days... get on it!
I could geek out about art nouveau all day, so feel free to join me...


1940s dress: err.. I forget. hrmm.
1940s fox collar & hat: random antique stores
1940s necklace: Lucky Dry Goods
1920s boots: Red Light

All photos (of me) courtesy of Jaynie Healy


  1. How incredibly lovely - both the art and what you wore. Your 40s necklace is a thing of powerful beauty. I love that you were able to grab some shots while viewing the artwork. We tried that at the museum in Calgary and they were not happy campers at all!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Gorgeous outfit as usual :) It looks like a great exhibition too.

  3. Ohh! I'm loving the art....sort of like a dark, mysterious version of John William Waterhouse-different era but same themes anyway. I'm loving your dress- or is it a blouse and skirt combo? And that photo is divine with your fur collar and miles of sooty eyelashes. xx Shauna

  4. Nice simple black outfit!
    We should go more often to museums...

  5. You look simply perfect, adore the art x

  6. your post reminds on ... shit i suppose, i just missed this sezession ausstellung.
    anyhow, the stuck ausstellung looks awesome. ... and you look as great as always. :)

  7. Fantastic outfit and you look great! I love your blog.

    I haven't been to a museum for five months and it is way too long for me. I live in San Jose, CA, so any decent museums are fifty miles away. But I really do need to go soon. I love the exhibit that you've seen -- it is really dark and mysterious, full of sensuality.

  8. I've just been going through like ALL of your posts and i love every single one ahhh but i think this outfit has gotta be one of my favourites, the necklace and booties omg! XXX