Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fur & Feathers, 2014

 Last weekend, I hopped down to Portland for the annual Fur & Feathers luncheon, hosted by the lovely Julie of FabGabs. This was my third year attending (here's last year), and it's an event I always look forward to. I can honestly say this was the most fun - and most well attended - year yet. Per usual, I failed at taking pictures, because I was too preoccupied chatting. C'est la vie...

My best friend (and photographer!), Jaynie, joined me this year, which was truly the frosting on the cake. 
Here's what we wore...

...All 1940s, silly to write that in front of everything...
marmot cape // fur & feather tilt hat (borrowed from Julie!) // gabardine suit
enamel fur clip // bakelite bird // bakelite & corde clutch // cobra heels

Jaynie raided my wardrobe, love love it. On her:

silk velvet & ostrich tilt hat // pony coat
rayon jersey dress // wood & silk necklace // heels // bakelite

And here's a group photo of the crew. This wasn't even all of us, we were the stragglers!
Look at Janey (aka Atomic Redhead)'s feather tilt hat - isn't that bananas?! I can't even.

Making it a point to head south more often this year. Portland is so close, there's no sense not hanging out with these fine folks. Next month: vintage pajama party!

Are there vintage events where you folks live?


P.S. By the way... I hate to have to say this, but I suppose I should? I'm not going to argue about vintage fur. I've had fur in pictures before, and so far it hasn't been a problem, but I've seen other bloggers have mean comments about it. I don't agree with modern fur, hell I don't even buy modern clothing (sweatshops = nope). I'll delete any negative comments without batting an eye, because #idgaf. 
*dances about draped in monkey fur*


  1. You are too adorable! As is your friend... wow you must have an incredible wardrobe....
    We do have vintage events in Australia but nothing like what you have in the US. And I saw some photos from this event and it looked like everyone was having an absolute ball. Made me think I should move :)

  2. I just found your blog through Atomic Redhead! I just love your style!! You do 40s so well -- so inspiring! Both of you look fantastic in these pictures.

  3. Fab pictures that really highlight your marvelous details!! I loved your color combo so much! And yay that you're going to the pajama party! I am really planning on going, but depends on the ride situation!

    Thanks for the kind words on my hat too! :)

    The fur thing is so incredibly annoying. I received death threats, well, more like suicide recommendations, in comment and e-mail form, and then they even went as far as to call the antique mall where I'm a dealer! I'm glad you haven't received any negative comments so far!


    1. I might be able to give you a lift, I'll keep you posted:)

  4. Just found you via Janey, you and your friend look super lovely!! Your cape is just stunning, and ahhh.

    I don't -think- there are any vintage events here in San Diego currently. I need to search more often, I think.

    1. Carla, my friend Dave is a super dapper vintage guy who has recently moved to San Diego, and I think he found a little crowd there, and he also drives up to LA for big events like Art Deco on the Queen Mary. I'd be happy to connect you two if you want! Making vintage events and connections happen is my hobby.

  5. You all look so AMAZING!
    I have never seen such an event in France... most of girls who like retro wear most of the time repro polka dot dresses... what a pity...
    Must go to Rn'R weekenders in England to meet people so well dressed!

  6. You both look gorgeous and what a fun group! I don't know of any vintage events here, unless you count the ren faire. I would love the opportunity to dress in finery and spend time with like-minded folks.

  7. Wow!! I remember when you blogged about it last year and I thought that it sounded like a fabulous event! Both your outfits are awesome (I especially love the green gabardine suit - those cuffs!!)

    I guess it's difficult because some people have very strong views on fur regardless of whether it's vintage or new. I wear vintage furs and *luckily* have yet to come across any negative comments (I think that's probably because where I live, people must assume that the fur cannot possibly be real!)

  8. You ladies look wonderful! Love the hats. :) Wish there was an event like this in the Northeast/New England area.

    Emily's Vintage Visions

  9. I love, love, love, both your outfits. Your wardrobe is amazing and all the accessories. How much fun is this event? That wooden bead necklace is awesome. I bet it must be so much fun working in a vintage store and getting dibs on all the great items that flow your way. I'm not sure I could make a paycheck from it as I'd be spending everything on vintage:)

  10. I am always very jealous of these types of events, I dream of having a gaggle of fabulous vintage-wearing friends and holding my own tea parties etc but so far I'm all on my own!

  11. Take-your-breath-away-instantly, flat out beautiful ensembles! Goodness, do I love that warm palette of muted green and brown tones on you honey. That's exactly what I think Mother Earth herself would wear if she came to life in human form and wanted to attend a F&F gathering.

    Zero events like this (or anything even remotely like it) around my small Okanagan town parts, but who knows, Portland isn't that many hours away, perhaps one day I'll be able to join your wildly chic gals for a F&F get together. (*Squeals in her head at the mere thought*)

    ♥ Jessica

  12. You look great as ever! Love your clutch!

  13. You ladies look spectacular!!

    There is a rockabilly weekender that happens once a year here in Winnipeg, but no regular vintage themed events with folks wearing actual vintage clothes. And most of the folks at the rockabilly weekender here are in repro dresses….I'd kill to get dolled up and drink cocktails with some like-minded people. Wouldn't it be fun if vintage bloggers from all over North America could all get together?! Someone should make that happen. lol!


  14. what a bunch of beautifully dressed vintage folks!
    you both looked absolutely stunning ...
    thanks for sharing ... :)

  15. Wonderful outfits all around. You look incredible! Green loves you, and that hat is AMAZING!

    I'm not sure I'd know what to do with myself if I ever ran into other vintage lovin' folks in real life, but this event sounds fantastic!

  16. You look fantastic, and that hat is just perfection! It looks like attending an outing with so many fantastically dressed ladies and gents would be quite fun.

  17. Hi dear!
    I love your blog and thats what I've nominated you to the Liebster award. You can find the steps here:

    I'll start following you now, you look awesome at that photos!:)
    Have a wonderful week