Friday, February 7, 2014

Atomic Twirl

When I was in Portland a few weeks ago, I visited the lovely Julie of FabGabs at her home to drool over her inventory, and partake in a few cocktails before going out dancing. I was wearing this incredible 40s novelty print, a Christmas gift from my mom, and it was observed the ensemble was missing some bakelite. Yeah, yeah, but I don't have the fancy colors... So Julie insisted I borrow some Brighter Bakelite from her personal collection for the evening. I don't think anyone saw them in the club I went to (why hello, out of control fog machine), but I made sure to capture some photos the next morning. They truly do complete the look... and my oh my are they drool-worthy.

Here we go - swwooooooon!

This dress has a completely full skirt - rare for a 40s dress - so it really is perfect to take a twirl in.

What do you suppose this print is? I think of it as "atomic dandelion puffs." And those cut outs! Thanks to Lucky Dry Goods for having such stellar inventory, and for picking this beaut out for my mom. A gal couldn't as for a better personal gift shopper, favorite store, or employer ;)


1940s dress & alligator shoes (not usually what I'd wear with this... but oh well): Lucky Dry Goods
1930s celluloid necklace: antique store
bakelite: Brighter Bakelite, borrowed from Julie

All photos courtesy of Jaynie Healy


  1. So gorgeous!!!! I love these colors that was really nice to Julie to let you borrow these beauties!!!!

  2. I love the cut out detail on the dress -- those vintage details! Swoon! And Julie was right about bakelite, but I am sure even without it the ensemble was still amazing. Your mom rocks! What a beauty you are!

  3. Wonderful dress! Love it! I'm going through a novelty print phase and I'm particularly keen on 40s rayon prints. Beautiful dress and accessories.

  4. This is all sorts of perfection! I adore the colors!


  5. Holy smokes! Gorgeous! And the bakelite matches perfectly!!! You look fabulous!

  6. i swoon over the adorable colour palette .... the dress is fantastic with it's print and cut outs. wow!

  7. So it was you who bought this gorgeous dress. I had spotted on Etsy ..... It was too small for me. Glad it's you who have it.

    1. omg, was there another one of these on etsy? we'd never listed ours!

  8. Wow this dress! The pattern reminds me of those atomic starburst prints! And the bakelite matches perfectly :)

  9. I love the colours in this dress, and it looks great with the bakelite.

  10. Beautiful dress, it looks gorgeous. Love the colours of the bangles.

  11. That pattern is so engaging, lively and beautiful! It makes me think of both dandelions and fireworks, as well as certain underwater sea anemones. Those bangles are the Bakelite frosting on an already immensely stylish vintage cake.

    ♥ Jessica

  12. What a vibrant pattern! And you have teamed those bangles with it perfectly. P x

  13. Dying! Love the dress!! Great twirling! ;) You look adorable! And who wouldn't want to pair a dress so fabulous with some equally awesome bakelite?! :)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn