Friday, March 14, 2014

V is for Victory Lace

Oh hey, I should write a blog post, right? Yes. Here we go. My favorite 40s suit.
Everything about it, all the yes. 

Stockings may be the only thing in my closet I never have 40s versions of. War rationing, fragility, shoddy quality... they more or less have all already been ruined. But! A dear friend recently pointed out a cheap eBay listing with 7 pairs of these WWII fishnets, and I snapped em up in an instant. To avoid the whole ration problem, these were made of cotton, with a rayon cuban heel & foot. I ended up with two patterns - Victory Lace, and Queen Anne's Lace. Ridiculously adorable names as far as I'm concerned. Bonus, they look great paired with cobra scales.

I hope you are all doing fabulous! I'm headed down to Portland in the morning to visit some friends & attend a vintage PJ party.... I will certainly take photos!


I'm being too lazy to write outfit details, it's all 40s, blah blah blah... Aaaand this is officially the laziest blog post I've ever written. *curtsies*

All photos courtesy of Jaynie Healy


  1. pfft. Who cares about laziness when there is an amazing suit with pretty bakelite to distract us? You look stellar, and that suit is great.

  2. I love this! A virtual plethora of eye candy delight. So well put together dear Sara. Your posts are such a joy as you are so great at putting together outfits. I didn't realize that they had these kinds of stockings in the 40s, so very interesting. Also very much love the shoes! I'm so looking for a strappy pair of 40s shoes. They are so hard to find in my size and the straps seem to get brittle. I have one pair of navy that I love very much, but I'd like other varieties. Your hair color totally goes well with this suit. Such a great suit with the bow pockets. Love the whole outfit!

  3. Fabulous head to toe! Love the color of the suit with your red hair. Major score with those fishnets. Have a blast in Portland!

  4. What an amazing suit. Love the pocket detail (are they real pockets?) and the cutest fishnets ever!

    1. I wish they were real! just the silly faux kind:)

  5. Wow this ensamble is soo pretty! Love how you added those bakelite bangles to match with the faux pocket's details! Super :))

  6. Those goodness, they're working of having a sartorial shrine built in their honour alone, with vintage offerings placed at its feet on a daily basis. This whole suit is marvelous and it's uber easy to see why it's your flat out favourite. I adore it too!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Oh gosh, your stockings! Gimme gimme! I love the style of them.

  8. I gasped at the sight of this suit...and stockings...girl, you've got to post more often -- you have the best vintage closet I've seen in the blogland! No pressure, of course, I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your clothes and humor, too.

  9. That jacket is divine- the zig-zag closure and the pockets (with those bows) are amazing! I love fishnet tights, but have never had any vintage ones-lucky gal- you always find the best stuff. xx Shauna

  10. actually i just need some beautiful and vintage-y outfit shots to make me happy ... i never read that much going though posts...
    these pictureas are wonderful. love the suit with its fun pockets and the 40s stockings are to die for!
    have fun in portland!

  11. Lovely outfit, the suit pocket details are gorgeous.