Saturday, May 10, 2014

Atomic Bongos

Today's outfit was originally destined for the F****d but Fabulous post, but to be honest.... the messed up parts of this dress don't even really show up? I guess that was the entire point of the post anyways - it's not noticeable. But still, it didn't make the cut. (Please forgive the duct tape on my belt. That's not even fucked but fabulous... it's just fucked. Snrr.)

So here's this dress! No damage to see here I swear! *cough*

I call this print "atomic boobs," because I'm super mature. Perhaps an inappropriate blog title though, so I went with the Lydia Lunch version;)

Short & sweet! I hope ya'll are doing swell <3
Since I mentioned it, I'll just leave this here...

1940s dress & hat: Red Light Vintage
Bakelite necklace & bangles: antique stores (?)
1940 shoes: Lucky Dry Goods

All photos courtesy of Jaynie Healy


  1. This is such a fun outfit. Love the hat!

  2. Mmmmm, Lydia Lunch. I love that wry, coy smile you're always giving, by the by. Such a quiet yet mischievous confidence. The violet undershadow is a perfect touch as well, with some of the colors in the dress! Yum.

  3. Never seen such pattern, love all these colors!
    You are divine!

  4. Gotta love anything called "atomic boobs"!! P x

  5. Yup, all I see is fabulous! And swoon, that hat! I love your collection of hats with giant draped fringe, it's clearly a hat niche I need to look into.

  6. I love it, duct tape and all! Such a fun print, and that hat is supreme.


  7. Fabulous outfit!!! I see a mix of children's toy tops and candies (both viewed from above) when I look at this stellar novelty pattern.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Such a fun and colourful print on that dress! The tape on the belt is the kinda thing I would do! ;)

  9. the dress looks amazing ... wonderful print (colourful vinyls? no ... boobs, colourful boobs, yay.) ... i don't see any flaws on this dress ... you paired it perfectly with the hat and bangles ... GREAT look.

  10. Lovely, colourful dress. I would go with atomic boobs too!

  11. fabulous look! what is that purple amazing-ness under your eyes? just found your blog and i love it! :)

    1. Welcome! It's Urban Decay's Asphyxia eyeshadow. I think they might make it in a liner too, but I just use a wet eyeliner brush:)

  12. It's really lovely what ever u call it
    Retro rover

  13. Such a lovely outfit! I am in love with that dress! :)

    ❤ Jessica |