Thursday, June 12, 2014

80s does 40s

Hello lovelies!
Today, I'm endlessly excited to have a guest post up on Chronically Vintage. I took a bit of a time hop, and did an 80s does 40s ensemble. Hey... technically still vintage, am I right? ;)

Check it out here.

Thank you to the ever-so-wonderful Jessica for having me! She's been a favorite blogger of mine for years, and was one of my first followers when I began blogging myself. Holy moly... 2 years ago. 
Huh, nuts.


Photo courtesy of Jaynie Healy


  1. Sara, so glad I found you! (From Chronically Vintage.)


  2. i actually already posted a comment but somehow it got eaten up by the world wide web ...

    this 80s does 40s dress does a wonderful job and as always you paired it perfectly. great look!